Utwórz konto użytkownika w Navisphere® Carrier

Rejestracja przewoźnika z Ameryki Północnej w Navisphere Carrier pozwala przewoźnikowi wyszukiwać, rezerwować i zarządzać swoimi ładunkami cyfrowo, a nie przez telefon lub e-mail, co może pomóc zaoszczędzić czas i zarobić więcej pieniędzy. 

Przewoźnicy kontraktowi, którzy zarejestrowali się do przewozów w C.H. Robinson, mogą utworzyć konto w Navisphere Carrier online lub w aplikacji mobilnej. Przewoźnicy mogą utworzyć nieograniczoną liczbę kont w Navisphere Carrier pod swoim kodem T. Nazwy użytkowników są przeznaczone dla poszczególnych osób i nie powinny być udostępniane reszcie zespołu. 

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do i create an account online?

If a motor carrier has already created an account in the mobile app, they can log into the website with the same credentials. 

1.) Visit www.navispherecarrier.com/login and click Create Account.

NOTE: The Email field is case-sensitive

2.) Select your country and preferred language, then click Next

The country field defaults to the country set in your browser settings. A country selection is required. If a different country needs to be selected, do the following: 

  • Select the country name that is displayed and begin typing another country name. A list of options matching is displayed.  
  • Click the country name to use.

If there is only one supported language option for the country, the language is automatically selected. 

3.) Fill out your account and company information, then click Submit

  • The Position drop-down in the Create a Navisphere Carrier Account form (see below) is used to set the default rights to tabs in Navisphere Carrier. If additional rights are needed for the carrier, they need to contact C.H. Robinson Carrier Services for further assistance.
  • Usernames can be created at each user’s discretion but must meet the following requirements
    • Contain between 4 and 25 characters 
    • Contain only letters and numbers (no spaces) 
      NOTE: The username does not need to contain both numbers and letters. 
    • Cannot contain your password  
    • Is not case sensitive  
  • Passwords must meet the following requirements: 
    • Must be between 6-12 characters
    • Must contain at least 1 letter and 1 number
    • May include special characters
    • Are case sensitive  
      NOTE: Passwords may be changed at any time within your Navisphere Carrier settings. 

A confirmation email is sent to the email address provided during registration that the registration request has been received, but that the account needs to be validated.

NOTE: Validation can take up to 1-2 business days. However, most accounts are validated the same day.

Once the account is approved, the carrier receives an additional email stating they are set up and can begin using Navisphere Carrier.

Q: How do i create an account in the app?

If a motor carrier has already created an account online, they can log into the app with the same credentials.

1.) Tap Sign up


2.) Read the Navisphere Carrier Mobile Application policies and tap I agree.


3.) Select the role that best describes you and tap Continue.


4.) Select whether you have a T-code or are new to C.H. Robinson, then tap Continue.


5.) If you have a T-code, fill out your account information and then tap Continue.


6.) From there, fill out your company information then tap Continue.


7.) Once this is complete, you should see a thank you screen that lets you know your application is now under review.