What Carriers Say About C.H. Robinson: Sergio's story

My name is Sergio Sanchez and I am very comfortable working with C.H. Robinson. My business started with just one truck. We started growing little by little until we reached 15 trucks. I have had very good relationships with all the C.H. Robinson representatives that I had the opportunity to work with and I have been very content and thankful working with all of them. I work with C.H. Robinson because I easily find loads with them, the cash flow, the relationships I have with the representatives. C.H. Robinson offers the Navisphere® Carrier technology, which is the best app that I have used. I like it and I use it a lot. We have achieved so many things to date with C.H. Robinson. The future I see for my business with C.H. Robinson is excellent. Come and work with C.H. Robinson.

Meet a C.H. Robinson Carrier: Sergio

When it comes to growing his trucking company, Sergio credits the people he works with for his success. By building relationships with people he can trust, Sergio has grown his business from a single truck to 15 trucks.

He gets the loads he wants and keeps his cash flow steady using Navisphere® technology. With all his info in one place, Sergio can easily check on drivers, stay updated, and find loads without sacrificing time on more important tasks.