You Asked, We Answered: Q&A from Our Committed to Sustainability Webinar

In our industry, sustainability is more than a buzzword—it’s a business imperative. In our recent webinar, “Committed to Sustainability: Real Tech to Minimize Your Global Emissions,” we shared a lot of information about the evolving landscape for sustainable supply chain practices amidst changing regulatory demands. During the event there were several great questions that we simply didn’t have time to cover, so instead, we’re answering them here.

Let's delve into the questions that emerged during the webinar and explore the answers you can use to guide your journey in sustainability.

Does C.H. Robinson have a roadmap to reduce emissions with defined milestones and a timeline?

In 2023, C.H. Robinson proudly announced we reached and exceeded our emissions intensity goal two years early. We successfully reduced our Scope 1 and 2 emissions intensity by 47%, surpassing our 40% reduction goal against a 2018 baseline.

This progress was driven, in part, by our continued efforts to identify supply chain efficiencies and leverage renewable energy.

C.H. Robinson is currently evaluating our next new forward-looking ambition. For the latest information about our sustainability goals, visit our sustainability page.

What is Navisphere Insight and how does it help with my emissions reduction goals?

Navisphere® Insight is our intuitive analytical tool. With it we provide accurate, quality data and strategic decision-making insights, helping you more easily identify emissions reductions opportunities across your supply chain.

Where can I find Navisphere Insight and how do I access my current emissions data?

Current C.H. Robinson customers can access all global freight emissions data within Navisphere Insight. Get in touch with your C.H. Robinson account team so they can walk you through where to find and how to use the tool—including what it takes to enable reporting on current emissions. 

If you're a future C.H. Robinson customer, connect with our experts to get started.

Are emissions insights available for all customers across all lanes?

Yes. All current C.H. Robinson customers, no matter which mode of transportation they use for global shipments, can access this information within Navisphere Insight.

Is it possible to see the transport distance? To be able to calculate the ton/km?

Yes. With the tool, you can see ton/km.

Closing the loop: Implementing actionable strategies

The questions raised during the webinar highlight the shared challenges and aspirations of businesses committed to making a positive impact on the planet. By integrating sustainability into supply chains, you not only meet regulatory requirements but also future proof your business, delight customers, and contribute to a resilient world.

Ready to build on your sustainability journey? Connect with our experts to discover how innovative, global technologies can be the catalyst for change in your organization. Together, let's lead the way forward—for our companies, our customers, and the world.

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