5 Reasons to Attend CSCMP Edge

5 Reasons to Attend CSCMP Edge | Transportfolio

Within a month of joining the Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), I attended the organization’s annual global conference. While there, I connected with a vice president of transportation at a major big box company, who gave me an hour and a half of her time, helping me get started on my journey to building out a distribution process. Because of this conversation, this connection, we were able to expand our business at an unprecedented rate. To this day, it remains the most valuable conversation I have ever had in my career.

CSCMP’s annual conference helped make that happen for me—and it can help you, too. This year, the conference is Sept. 24-27 in Atlanta. Here are five reasons you should consider attending:


Gain the latest and greatest in supply chain and logistics best practices. Taught by industry experts for industry experts. We can all learn from each other.

This is THE premier industry event. Each discussion is meaningful, whether providing feedback to students, offering advice to young professionals, or enlisting help from senior level executives. Many have resulted in long-lasting relationships.


Connect and reconnect. There is no substitute for face to face conversations with logistics all-stars.


The number of years I’ve attended CSCMP—and the number of times I’ve come home with something new. It energizes me to bring back new ideas I can put into practice.


This is the third year that Monsanto, C.H. Robinson, and CSCMP will package meals for Rise Against Hunger. On Sept. 24, 200 volunteers will showcase the power of the supply chain, packing 45,000 meals for people all over the world.

Early in my career, my participation in the annual conference enabled me to develop professionally and personally, but it’s become more than that. Being an active and engaged member helps to demonstrate the great things supply chain does for society.

Consider joining CSCMP and attending this year’s global conference – gaining useful best practices, making life-long connections, and giving back to the planet.


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