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Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I sign up to haul for C.H. Robinson?

Signing up to haul for C.H. Robinson is easy. Click here to get started and simply follow the prompts, which will explain what documents you need to get set up as a carrier.

Q: How do I create a Navisphere Carrier account?

Creating a Navisphere Carrier account is quick and easy. Simply fill out the details on the registration page and hit submit. Once approved, you’re all set to find, offer, book, haul and get paid on loads. Navisphere Carrier supports your business wherever you are with more loads than any other provider in North America.

Q: I can’t login to Navisphere Carrier. My login doesn’t work what should I do?

If you’re having a hard time logging into Navisphere Carrier, you can reset your login credentials at any time. Simply click “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password” inside Navisphere Carrier—web or app—and receive guided instructions to reset your login credentials at any time.

Q: How do I book a load in Navisphere Carrier?

The Navisphere Carrier app gives you the power to find the freight you want, make offers and book instantly. To get started, tap find loads, all available loads within 100 miles show up and list format. To get more info, tap anywhere on that load to view additional details. If you like a load, hit book then simply assign a driver, into your tractor and trailer number and tap book load to complete.

Interested in a load and want to make an offer? Select make offer to propose a new rate. You'll receive a response within seconds. If you want to see the status of loads have made an offer on or a history of your bids, tap the “My Offers” tab to review. You can watch a how-to video of this here.

Q: How can I see the loads I’ve booked in Navisphere Carrier?

You can always see the loads you booked by tapping the “My Loads” screen in the Navisphere Carrier app and filter by three statuses: booked, assigned, and in transit. If you don't see these options, just tap the eye icon. If you'd rather see the loads on the map, just hit the map icon. Select any combination to see corresponding loads on the map. For example: with booked selected zoom in or select the location icons to see more details about your loads in that area. The list icon will take you back to the list view anytime. You can watch a how-to video of this here.

Q: How can I link my ELD/GPS to C.H. Robinson?

Connect your ELD/GPS by visiting our carrier tracking set up page. From there, find the way you’d like to connect and follow the instructions included. We’re strongly committed to helping carriers keep clear control of their own data. We only track information specific to each load so that shippers can have a clear understanding of where their goods are. Once a load is marked as delivered, tracking stops immediately. Here’s a quick and easy guide to data transparency.

Q: 问:为什么我还没有收到货运付款?


  • 文件丢失或难以辨认
  • 货运编号未写在收到的每份文件上
  • 收到的每份文件上都写有错误的货运编号
  • 提单 (BOL) 未签署
  • 损坏/短缺已在提单上注明;在这种情况下,您的货运代表必须在审核情况属实后批准付款
  • 原文件已邮寄以供 QuickPay 放款,但未引起 QuickPay 的注意
  • 缺少运输公司发票;货运确认单不是可接受的发票;发票应包含货运编号、结欠金额和您的运输公司 ID。

Q: What are the tracking expectations for the Carrier Advantage Program?

C.H. Robinson contract carriers are expected to provide digital track and trace updates at the following time frames throughout the life of a load:

  • Pre-pickup and Pre-delivery: 4 hours and 2 hours before driver's arrival. If the driver will arrive late, we need an update 4 hours and 2 hours before the appointment close time.
  • In-transit notifications: Every 4 hours in transit
  • Arrival notifications: 30 minutes after arrival; 30 minutes after departure

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Cross-Border resources

PAPS 追踪工具


使用抵达前处理系统 (Pre-Arrival Processing System, PAPS) 追踪工具,搜索从加拿大到美国的货运 PAPS 编号。

PARS 追踪工具/快速查找


使用抵达前处理系统 (Pre-Arrival Review System, PAPS) 追踪工具,搜索从美国到加拿大的货运 PAPS 编号。

Aviso de Cruce (AVC) 查询


使用 Aviso de Cruce (AVC) 查询工具,搜索美国/墨西哥边境跨境货运的 Aviso de Cruce 编号。

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