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Easily connect your tracking device to improve your Carrier Advantage Program status and access the most freight among all providers in North America.

Connect or Change My ELD/GPS Provider

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Q: GeoTab

From your Geotab portal, generate integration view only credentials.

  1. Click Administration > Users > Add
  2. For the Username, enter: CHR@”databasename”
    1. After the “@” please enter your unique database name which is found on the top right of the portal
      1. Example: CHR@abc_company
      2. You don’t need “.com” at the end
    2. First name: CH
    3. Last name: Robinson
  3. Force password change on next login: No
    1. Confirm Password: EdenPrairie123
    2. Security Clearance: View Only
  4. Click “Save” to finish the setup of your new integration profile
After the username and password is created, please email them and your T# or DOT# to [email protected]. Once received, C.H. Robinson will finalize the connection.  Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Q: Motive

Connect withMotive

Q: Omnitracs

Instructions (you may skip steps 1 & 2 if you have a VLV account with Omnitracs):

  1. Your company admin must sign in to review the VLV terms of service:
    U.S. Customers VLV Form
    Canadian Customers VLV Form
  2. Accept the VLV terms of use
  3. After acceptance, you will be shown a confirmation page; click ‘Done’. Within one business day, you will receive an email with a link to the VLV portal along with a username and password. You will now have to log in to the portal and choose the partners you want to share data with:
    1. Log in to the VLV portal with your newly provided credentials:
    2. You will be given access to a screen that allows you to authorize CH Robinson access. Find ‘CH Robinson’ in the permissions list and change ‘Add My Fleet to Active VLV Carrier List’ to ‘Yes’ and set ‘Authorize Customer to Track My Fleet’ to ‘On’.
    Image of omnitracs ELD integration
  4. Once you’ve authorized ‘CH Robinson’, we’ll receive an email with you in copy letting us know that we can now receive load tracking on loads hauled with CH Robinson

Q: PeopleNet

Next steps:

  1. Sign the PeopleNet Data Share Agreement: Found Here
  2. Attach the signed agreement here and fill out the questionnaire:
  3. Click “Submit” at the bottom once the agreement is attached and the questionnaire is filled out

After submitting the required info, PeopleNet will process and enable the integration within a few days and notify C.H. Robinson afterwards. Please email  [email protected][email protected] if you have any questions.

Q: Samsara

Connect withSamsara

Q: Verizon

Connect withVerizon

Q: Other ELD/GPS Providers

CH Robinson can connect with 150+ additional ELD/GPS providers via our visibility partner, Macropoint. Click here to begin

Navisphere Carrier 移动应用


  • 立即针对所需货运进行预订或提供报价
  • 指派司机并查看实时状态
  • 借助内置的自动化功能轻松更新状态
  • 通过上传和共享文件加速启动付款流程
  • 查找可用的燃料折扣(仅适用于加油卡持有人)。

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Navisphere Driver 移动应用

消除手动更新的需要,帮助司机节省时间。频繁更新电子邮件和打电话的日子已经一去不复返了。使用 Navisphere Driver 可以实现以下功能:

  • 内容全面的地图,带给您简洁方便的导航体验
  • 利用地理围栏和位置服务自动更新状态
  • 通过文档上传功能加速启动付款流程

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在您的 TMS 中解锁无限商机

减少寻找货运所耗费的时间,将更多的时间用于赚钱。尽享安心无忧的数字体验 — 无需打电话或发送电子邮件。

使用免费的应用编程接口 (API) 连接功能,直接在您的 TMS 中查找、预订并自动创建 C.H. Robinson 货运订单。您还可以发送自定义的可见性更新、上传文档和检查支付状态。

利用 API 连接功能,在您的 TMS 中获取我们的货物装载信息

使用免费的应用编程接口 (API) 连接功能,打造安心无忧的数字体验。使用熟悉的系统轻松查找、预订和自动创建货运 — 无需打电话或发送电子邮件。

Tracking and data privacy

We’re strongly committed to helping carriers keep clear control of their own data. We only track information specific to each load so that shippers can have a clear understanding of where their goods are. Once a load is marked as delivered, tracking stops immediately. Here’s a quick and easy guide to data transparency.

Questions about our Carrier Advantage Program

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Questions about getting your tracking set up

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