Renewable Energy Projects Meet Project Logistics Solutions

Renewable energy and wind capital projects are on the rise. The complexities of these projects require diligent planning and careful coordination from beginning to end. When you choose C.H. Robinson's Project Logistics Team to manage your most challenging projects, we act as your eyes and ears in the field, streamlining operations and supervising the most critical stages. In 2020 our Project Logistics Team managed 13 North America wind energy projects delivered 476 complete wind turbines and coordinated over 2500 truckloads that traveled over 20,000 miles. With help from our experts, you can keep your project on track whether you're working on a large equipment mobilization or dealing with international transportation or last mile deliveries by communicating with all parties involved in your capital project. From engineering, procurement and construction companies to equipment manufacturers, project owners and trucking companies, you can expect end to end support for your most complex projects while meeting safety milestones and construction schedules. Let our project logistics experts become part of your team, ensure your next capital project is a success. With help from C.H. Robinson's project Logistics team.

Project logistics delivers diligent planning and careful project coordination

With high budgets and rigid timelines, capital projects are often the most complex and impactful undertakings that companies face. Ensure your next renewable energy capital project is successful with help from our global network of project logistics experts.

Whether you’re looking at large equipment mobilizations, international transportation for last mile deliveries, or something in between, expect a customized solution from beginning to end.

  • Gain project management support for your team from people you can rely on
  • Streamline the risk assessment process using our information advantage
  • Track projects in real-time with technology built by and for supply chain experts

With renewable energy and wind capital projects on the rise, you need experience and expertise on your side for these critical projects. Choose a team that proves itself every day. In 2020, our project logistics onsite experts:

  • Managed 13 North America wind energy projects
  • Delivered 476 turbines (476 WTGs (1,500+ MWs)
  • Coordinated thousands of truckloads traveling almost 20,000 miles
  • Supported installation at 11 sites across North America