Key Carrier Spotlight: Riteway Express

Last month, we introduced you to one of our Key Carrier of the Year winners, Midnite Express, Inc.This month’s Key Carrier Spotlight is about another award winner, Riteway Express.

With 24 years of experience in the trucking industry, Riteway really does do business the right way: Not only do they provide exceptional service, but they’ve utilized automation to create efficiencies and have built quality relationships with their dedicated carrier representatives at C.H. Robinson.

Based in Brevard, NC, Riteway Express has a fleet of 40 trucks that drive toward reliability and dependability every day. “Customer satisfaction and exceeding expectation of service are always a top priority,” said Dusty Morgan, president, Riteway Express. “If the customer has a need, we want to find a way to take care of it for them. We are very proud of the job we do, and we always strive to be a trucking company that raises the expectation level.”

Amidst shifting priorities, service still matters

Amidst shifting priorities, service still matters

Since Riteway Express was founded by Dusty’s father, Larry, in 1993, the trucking industry has changed dramatically. Not only have cell phones, tracking technologies and the Internet changed the way we do business, but customer expectations have evolved as well. “It used to be that quality and service were of the utmost importance,” Morgan said. “Now, a lot of times it’s about who can offer the most cost savings. At Riteway, we try to provide both.”

Working with 3PLs can help handle the service expectations on the shipper side, but Morgan says drivers can also make a huge impact in developing business relationships. “Our drivers are our eyes, ears, and face to the customer,” he explained. “They are a large part of how the customer sees us and a large part of how we learn more about our customers. Their insight and knowledge is a valuable asset to our success and future.”

Trucking is all about people

Trucking is all about people

It’s not just about external relationships, though—surrounding yourself with talented employees is just as important. I have had the great pleasure of working with some of the best drivers and office staff anyone could ask for,” Morgan said. “Melody Owenby and Sharon Pressley have been with us since the very start of Riteway Express. I have so many great drivers, it is impossible to choose just one to recognize. I have been very fortunate.”

That sense of gratitude is especially prevalent when Morgan talks about his dad, the company founder who started it all. “He was an owner operator with one truck when I was young,” he said. “He worked hard and took care of his customers. His service, dedication and values built this company into what it is. He passed away in October 2015, but the lessons and guidance he gave me are still applied today.”

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