2023 Truck Driver Appreciation Week Recap

We're going to give a great $50,000 donation to St. Christophers, an incredible charity organization. We'll even give away some cash advances this week to any driver who wants one, at no cost. The exciting part about this week, why I'm so amped up, we're going to have hundreds of our team members out there where truck drivers do their work, day in and day out. But most importantly, we are going to be able to look them in the eye, shake their hands and give them a wholehearted. Thank you for everything that they gave.

Truck Driver Appreciation Week was an incredible week to recognize the ambition, work, grit, effort, sacrifice, and miles that every driver puts in throughout the year to ensure that goods are delivered all across the country. To show our appreciation we were able to give our largest donation to truckers in need, provide faster payment—for free, and travel across the country to express our genuine appreciation.

Thank you to each and every one of you for all you do. You are our heart and soul—without you, we simply could not exist. Billions of miles of gratitude from everybody at C.H. Robinson.