Carrier Spotlight 2018: Agristar, LLC

Sometimes you just connect with people. It’s as simple as having a conversation on the phone and immediately you know that you just “click” with the other person. That’s exactly what happened when Ray Kaczar of Agristar, LLC., called into C.H. Robinson a year and a half ago.

Owner/operator carrier of the year
I’m proud to share that Ray is this year’s C.H. Robinson Carrier of the Year in our owner/operator segment. Of our 107,000 contract carriers, we only give out seven awards a year, so it’s a pretty big honor to be nominated, much less chosen.

Ray is one of our most dependable owner/operators. One of the best aspects of working with him is his adventurous spirit. No matter how remote a destination is, he accepts the load and trusts us to find another one when the time comes. It can be pretty humbling.

More about Ray
Let me tell you a little bit about Ray. Since 1973, Ray has been in and out of the trucking industry. He’s driven trucks for other companies, he’s owned his own fleet (48 flatbed trailers strong, I might add), and now he’s trying his hand as an owner/operator.

While he’ll tell you that he loves the freedom of running his own equipment, he had a bit of a lightbulb moment a few years back. At the time, he was always scoping load boards for his next load. But after hearing Kevin Rutherford talk on Road Dog Radio about broker relationships, he liked the idea of hauling for a broker or two instead of trying to juggle companies individually.

That’s when he called C.H. Robinson and never looked back.

Teamwork and technology
A team is the perfect word to describe how Ray and I work together. He wants us to succeed so he can succeed. And vice versa. And that teamwork is made infinitely easier by Ray’s willingness to embrace technology.

He uses Navisphere® Carrier on his iPad, and routinely logs into Navisphere on his computer, too. It’s really a big advantage for Ray and one of the many reasons he’s our Carrier of the Year.

To Ray, I say thank you
Thank you for your dedication to customer service, adaptability in any situation, and thanks for picking up the phone. It’s truly a pleasure working with you day in and day out.

And congratulations on being our Carrier of the Year. We’re lucky to have you as part of our contract carrier network.

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