Three Things to Know about FMCSA’s Proposed Registration Updates

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) recently held a public meeting to discuss proposed updates to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) registration system. These updates have the potential to improve several areas within the registration process, especially for motor carriers and freight brokers. Many industry stakeholders use FMCSA registration data for safety and motor carrier information and therefore its accuracy and reliability are becoming increasingly important.

The U.S. DOT has dedicated significant resources to updating the registration process and has received full leadership support to make this possible. As a key player in the transportation and logistics industry, C.H. Robinson is committed to keeping customers and carriers informed about important developments that could impact their businesses and operations. The three distinct areas where we expect to see refinement are:


Through this process re-design, FMCSA intends to consolidate and improve how stakeholders access safety data. Currently, information is provided on multiple webpages – some information is in the Licensing and Insurance system while other data is found in the Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) system. In addition, FMCSA does not clearly indicate to shippers and brokers a clear red light/green light regarding a carrier’s safety profile. If FMCSA uses this re-design to better communicate which motor carriers it approves to be on the road, the re-design could improve safety by creating a uniform due diligence process.


The FMCSA registration updates also aim to improve the process for authenticating and verifying motor carriers and freight brokers identities at the time of registration. A better process for authenticating identities will ultimately reduce stolen or false credentials, as well as the nefarious sale of credentials. The FMCSA has represented that these security concerns are a priority.

While the agency has already implemented multi-factor authentication for the current system, the additional improvements will further strengthen security. As expected, any additional improvements must be balanced with continued ease-of-use for newly registering carriers and brokers.

Data Collection and Analysis

The proposed update also could help the U.S. DOT collect more granular data from carriers – on a voluntary basis – including information related to new equipment types and fuel platforms (diesel, electric, hydrogen, etc.). Increasingly granular data can help answer questions like how many Class 8 electric trucks are in use and where. Or what percent of the class 8 fleet is refrigerated or flatbed.

The U.S. DOT’s current plan is to have the updated system running in the first quarter of 2025. C.H. Robinson experts will continue to monitor the progress to keep customers and carriers updated with timely and accurate information about the FMCSA's proposed registration updates, to help stakeholders prepare for and adapt to the changes, and ultimately promote safety, security, and efficiency in the industry.

Jason Craig
Government Affairs Director
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