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Find the best truckload procurement strategy for each of your lanes.

Transform your RFP process with a smarter way to buy

Procure IQ®, developed inside C.H. Robinson Labs™, leverages data from the world’s largest shipper and carrier community. It provides a personalised, data visualisation of an individual company’s shipping lanes, integrated with C.H. Robinson’s vast freight marketplace data, unlocking the optimal way to purchase transportation. By bringing together technology, that is built by and for supply chain experts, C.H. Robinson applies data science to deliver shippers smarter solutions that cut costs and drive greater reliability.

Network transparency

See how your shipping fits into the world’s largest community of freight–with over 200K shippers and carriers–so you can buy smarter.

Increased savings

Avoid risk and save money with our freight segmentation strategies—create the best procurement solution for you.

Higher service reliability

Leverage capacity options that fit your needs, while you tap into the largest pool of quality capacity.

Top features of Procure IQ

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Procurement strategy recommendations

Using your shipping data and our sophisticated data science algorithms, Procure IQ identifies the best truckload procurement strategy for each of your lanes.

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Personalised, data visualisation of your network

Procure IQ maps the density and direction of regions you’re shipping into and out of to provide network transparency, leading to increased savings and higher service reliability. This feature allows you to drill into the lanes you want to focus on most.

What our customers say

matt montour
Matt Montour
Senior Director of Logistics at IPC, the purchasing cooperative for Subway® Franchisees
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As we navigate a historically volatile market, we are rethinking how we do business. Procure IQ’s advanced analytics can help us navigate uncertainty and has been invaluable in helping us develop a new, more efficient and cost-effective transportation-buying process, for everything from fresh food to kitchen equipment.

How Procure IQ works

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Learn more about how Procure IQ improves your truckload procurement

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Truckload Savings and Reliability: Leverage Data Science to Transform Your RFP Process

A panel of thought-leaders from C.H. Robinson and IPC, the purchasing cooperative for Subway® Franchisees discuss how a unique combination of technology and a new data science innovation can lead to optimal procurement strategies for each of your truckload lanes.

Reimagining how you purchase transportation

Companies want and expect innovation from their 3PLs, and as one of the world’s largest logistics platforms we’re focused on continuing to deliver new and innovative technology built by and for supply chain experts. We recently announced our latest innovation, Procure IQ, which reimagines the way shippers purchase transportation.

Improve your freight transportation procurement process

Join other large truckload shippers and learn how to uncover the best truckload procurement strategy for each lane—before you start freight contracts.