Reverse Logistics Management Services

Maximize the value of every product with a robust reverse logistics strategy that minimizes waste and cuts down on inefficiencies.

  • Mitigate the risk of value loss while meeting the demand of customers and regulatory agencies by working with our global network of reverse logistics experts.
  • Complete your reverse logistics supply chain with the space and labor resources you need for warehousing, delivery, and returns processing.
  • Maintain strict control over the reverse flow of items with quality service, comprehensive reporting, and high-capacity, multimodal networks.
Global Solutions

Reverse Logistics Solutions

With custom, flexible supply chain solutions for all your returns, recalls, withdrawals, recycling, and disposal needs, we can solve any reverse logistics challenge—at the local, regional, national, and international level.

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Liquidation logistics

Liquidation logistics

Match your obsolete, distressed, and/or returned merchandise with an optimal liquidation plan.

Over, short & damaged (OS&D) management

Over, short & damaged (OS&D) management

Streamline reporting refusals and overcome imperfect trends with a long lasting, effective solution for your over, short, and damaged freight.

Asset retrieval

Asset retrieval

Manage all refusals and returns inventory with consistent disposition strategies for packaging, order optimization, storage, pickup, and more.

What Is Reverse Logistics and How Can It Help Your Supply Chain?

Today’s retailers and supply chain professionals need to have a plan in place to minimize waste and cut down on inefficiencies when products re-enter the supply chain. Discover the three distinct ways a strong reverse logistics solution can help you save money, increase efficiency, and better understand your overarching reverse logistics supply chain needs.

What sets our reverse logistics services apart

Reverse logistics is a niche area of expertise within supply chains. It brings together the right solutions and expertise to give your customers the convenience they demand while maximizing recovery value, strategizing disposition, and determining an ultimate destination for products that can’t move forward or require backward motion in the supply chain.

Trust C.H. Robinson to help create a precise and effective reverse logistics strategy that keeps you aligned with customer demands and in compliance with regulatory bodies. Having a clear plan in place before you need it keeps you in control, reducing the risk of improper disposal or costly compliance issues.

Global technology for global supply chains

Effectively manage both your forward and reverse logistics with Navisphere® technology backed by contact center services.

  • Gain end-to-end visibility with reverse logistics functionality already integrated in Navisphere
  • Control costs and improve efficiencies with configurable reporting
  • Review key supply chain data and informed insights with real-time communications

Knowing where freight is and where it’s going to be is key to effective communication and consistently delivering on expectations. Trust Navisphere for all your reverse logistics freight shipments.