Automotive Logistics

C.H. Robinson helps you streamline your automotive supply chain, manage risk, reduce costs and decrease emissions. Get capacity solutions tailored to your automotive business and data-driven insights to inform continuous improvement opportunities.

Trust the leader in automotive logistics

Optimise performance while keeping costs down. From consistently meeting your customers' demand and service expectations, to navigating new and complex opportunities like nearshoring. Let our industry expertise work for you.

C.H. Robinson works with the vast majority of top 100 tier 1 automotive suppliers and top 10 Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

We can help power your automotive logistics strategy.

What sets our automotive logistics services apart

Automotive experts & experience

Keep your manufacturing process on track and on schedule with experienced supply chain experts who have local expertise in critical automotive markets like Mexico.

Global scale & reliable capacity

Anticipate, strategise and solve for your planned and unplanned freight needs using flexible, reliable, multimodal solutions across truckload, less than truckload (LTL), consolidation, ocean, cross-border and more.

Industry leading technology & solutions

Continuously improve by leveraging best-in-class technology combined with data-driven insights to help identify new opportunities.

Automotive logistics services for every segment

C.H. Robinson works with the largest, most sophisticated shippers in the world and we have the strategies to support your goals.

Tiered suppliers

  • Streamline inbound delivery with solutions tailored to your business
  • Strategise and execute against both planned and unplanned deliveries
  • Strengthen your supply chain with industry-leading cross-border and consolidation services


  • Track, manage and reduce emissions
  • Proactively prepare and execute against your unplanned deliveries with expedited services
  • Streamline your cross-border delivery with our 100+ years of experience in Canada and 30+ years in Mexico

After market

  • Strengthen your retail strategies with our expertise and scale, with over 7,500 retail customers
  • Plan for and proactively prepare for holiday surge

Leverage our team of dedicated automotive experts

  • Industry-leading automotive supply chain expertise and experience, across the globe in key automotive markets.
  • 24/7 support just right for the just-in-time nature of the automotive industry.
  • People you can rely on who understand your unique business needs and tailor solutions to accelerate your success.

See what our experts can do for you.

Success stories: Automotive supply chain

Tier 1 auto supplier saves big

A Tier 1 supplier of motor vehicle chassis and bodies for first response vehicles saw freight prices increase and on-time performance diminish.

C.H. Robinson automotive supply chain experts discovered key operational differences between the supplier’s business units, causing inefficiencies and delays.

After implementing the recommended automation techniques, the supplier’s budget is back on track with first-year savings projected at approximately $1.2 million.

Redefining imports for Mazda Australia

After implementing solutions from C.H. Robinson, Mazda Australia reduced air freight costs by 23%, realised substantial savings on ocean imports and identified duty refund opportunities.

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