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Automotive Logistics

Meet global customer demand for inbound automotive products and outbound returnable containers while mitigating risks.

Automotive Logistics

Specialising in automotive logistics

Create the strongest line of defense against costly plant shutdowns. High performance automotive supply chains help manage risk, reduce costs, and decrease emissions.

Establish logistics processes focused on stability, accuracy, speed, and visibility to meet just-in-time business models. Take your supply chain further with strategies to optimise your warehouse space—from pick and pack services and light assembly options to modifications and quality checks. Whether your objective is to decrease transportation costs, better understand total landed costs, streamline border crossings, or leverage multimodal transportation options, fine tune your automotive supply chain with continuous improvement efforts that accelerate your success, wherever you do business.

What sets our automotive logistics services apart

Risk mitigation

Keep your manufacturing process on track and on schedule with experienced supply chain experts who understand the mechanics of avoiding stoppages and delays.

Global transportation services

Anticipate, strategise, and solve for your planned and unplanned freight needs using efficient multimodal solutions, including truckload, less than truckload (LTL), consolidation, ocean, cross-border, and more.

Leading technology

Make faster, strategic improvements to your automotive logistics operations using managed TMS® services, industry-leading technology, and end-to-end solutions.

Automotive logistics services for every segment

Leverage strategies to optimise your route guide, enhance your on-time performance, and keep your budget in line. Whether you’re working with manufacturers, distributors, dealers, or suppliers, have confidence in working with a provider that works with the largest, most sophisticated shippers in the world.

Automotive Logistics

Who we work with

  • Tier 1 suppliers
  • Tier 2 suppliers
  • Tier 3 suppliers
  • OEM
  • After market
  • Dealerships

C.H. Robinson Dedicated experts

Leverage our team of dedicated automotive experts

Operating in the just-in-time environment of the automotive industry requires 24/7 support. That’s where we come in.

Choose experts who know and understand your business needs. Our vast supply chain and supplier knowledge paired with automotive industry expertise is incomparable—delivering supply chain solutions for more than 12,000 automotive companies, including 86 of the top 100 automotive companies worldwide.

What can our automotive experts do for you?

C.H. Robinson Automotive Success Story

Success story: Automotive supply chain

As market conditions changed, a Tier 1 supplier of motor vehicle chassis and bodies for first response vehicles saw freight prices increase and on-time performance diminish.

Our automotive supply chain experts discovered key operational differences between the supplier’s business units, causing inefficiencies and delays. Automation efforts helped the supplier streamline processes across the company.

After implementing the recommended automation techniques, the supplier’s budget is back on track with first-year savings projected at approximately $1.2 million.