Retail Logistics

Meet consumers when, where, and how they want to buy by combining global retail logistics and supplier expertise with industry-leading technology and multimodal services.

Specialising in retail logistics

Get the right inventory in the right place at the right time to meet consumer demands and retailer requirements. In a world where in-store experiences must compete with the breadth of online shopping options, retail supply chains are a critical component to success.

Enhance on-time performance and precision while managing daily retail compliance standards by diversifying inbound global container strategies, planning fulfillment center locations based on inventory needs, and accurately forecasting demand. It’s all possible with our industry-leading technology and skilled experts.

What sets our retail logistics services apart

Global services

Improve on time in full performance and gain efficiencies with our wide variety of services, including less than truckload (LTL), consolidation, ocean, reverse logistics, and last mile and more.

Customised plans

Reduce potential compliance fines with help from skilled retail experts who understand your business, know the importance of meeting delivery windows, and can create unique solutions for you.

Supply chain visibility

Know where your inventory is—even when it’s in motion. Maintain fast speed to market with end-to-end visibility made possible by our Navisphere® technology platform.

Retail logistics services for every segment

Wherever your customers are shopping—in store or online—apply the right retail shipping services to manage first, middle, and last mile demand without sacrificing speed or precision.


Deliver the positive shopping experiences your shoppers expect while navigating the intricacies of your specific type of retail store. After all, big box retailers have different demands than convenience stores, and seasonality impacts home improvement retailers differently than apparel retailers. We understand these nuances and can help you build strategies to support your goals.


Secure consistent supply for your restaurants, distributors, and operators—no matter the market conditions. Leveraging our best-in-class technology, global services, and data advantage, trust our supply chain experts to build customised solutions that accelerate your restaurant business. Gain support for the most critical areas of your business:

  • Fresh produce
  • Vendor management
  • Purchase order management
  • Special handling and equipment
  • Supply chain analysis and engineering
  • Final mile services


Create an enhanced supply chain prepared for the toughest ecommerce challenges with industry-leading technology, final mile capacity solutions, and multimodal solutions.

Leverage our team of dedicated retail experts

Get merchandise to distribution centers, stores, or homes with streamlined supply chain strategies developed especially for the retail industry by our global network of experts.

When speed to market is everything, trust your merchandise to experts who understand your business, the changing transportation marketplace, and the requirements of retail compliance programmes. The long-term growth you’re looking for is possible through short-term supply chain process improvements led by people who aren’t afraid to think creatively.

retail logistics video


GoGo Squeez reaches highest-ever on-time score

Watch how data-driven insights connect the dots for retail compliance by delivering on time in full, despite shorter lead times.

Success story: IPC Subway

“As we navigate a historically volatile market, we are rethinking how we do business. Procure IQ’s advanced analytics can help us navigate uncertainty and has been invaluable in helping us develop a new, more efficient, and cost-effective transportation-buying process, for everything from fresh food to kitchen equipment.”

–Matt Montour, Senior Director of Logistics at IPC, the purchasing cooperative for Subway® Franchises