Navisphere Vision

Today's supply chains face more demands and challenges than ever— from a global pandemic, to regional weather events, to local traffic congestion. Disruptions in your supply chain impact your customer relationships and bottom line. While you can't always predict when and where the next disruption will strike; you can react and recover faster with real-time visibility to all your inventory— at rest and in motion, across all modes, and in all regions.

What if you could read route in this central shipment before it's delayed by oncoming weather? Receive real-time notifications about any delays and damages, or see your entire global supply chain in one platform? Now you can. With Navisphere Vision you gain real-time visibility through connections with logistics service providers. You can easily see how shipments are trending toward committed delivery dates and address problems in real-time.

Using predictive analytics and external integrations, Navisphere Vision helps you monitor and react to disruptions faster. So you can proactively identify shipments that may be impacted. with IoT device and activity, you can monitor and measure shock tilt, humidity, line, temperature, and pressure. And—be alerted in real time to potential tampering, spoilage or damages.

Navispher Vision is a software as a service platform, that could be deployed on its own or combined to leverage the power of C.H. Robinson's Global Suite of Services and technologies.

Disruptions can be challenging. But managing your supply chain doesn't have to be with the right technology. Prepare your supply chain for what's next— with Navisphere Vision.

Prepare your supply chain for what's next

Discover Navisphere® Vision, the next generation of supply chain visibility. Real-time updates and predictive analytics let you see more of your supply chain, know more about the events that can impact it, and do more to help ensure that your products are efficiently delivered into your customers' hands. Navisphere Vision is helping all kinds of global companies—like Microsoft—exceed their customers' expectations. Learn how the ultimate solution for supply chain visibility and analytics can help you do the same.

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