Value Protect Solution

Mitigate risks by protecting your high-value goods during transport. Gain peace of mind by collaborating with skilled experts who understand what it takes to ship safely and securely:

  • Align freight with reliable, pre-approved carriers from our network
  • Maintain full control over your goods with real-time freight monitoring
  • Work with experts who deliver faster, meaningful improvements to your supply chain
Global Solutions

Value Protect Solution

Not all risks are inevitable when transporting cargo. With the right protection services, you can successfully ship goods around the world. When it comes to fast, secure, and streamlined options that keep your cargo protected, we can help.

Capacity when and where you need

Capacity when and where you need

Trust your freight to pre-approved carriers that are compliant with your procedures and deliver the quality service your high-value freight requires.

Real-time visibility

Real-time visibility

Effectively track transportation routes and predict delivery times with ongoing monitoring through our advanced Navisphere® technology.

Global network of experts

Global network of experts

Work with supply chain engineers who can analyze your data, help optimize routes, and achieve greater efficiency across your supply chain.

What sets our Value Protect Solution apart

Unforeseen circumstances can interrupt production flows and trigger downtime—becoming costly. That’s why we have designed this solution to safeguard your specific products. Trust our experts to anticipate, strategize, and optimize a variety of logistics solutions. With us, your freight is in good hands.

No matter your industry—from healthcare and retail to tech, consumer goods, electronics, heavy industrial, and more—we can help you understand and protect against the top risks to your freight. Our experts are ready to assess your needs.

Use our Value Protect Solution for peace of mind

When faced with various circumstances outside your control—from theft and legislation to border crossings and paperwork—it takes diligent attention to keep your high-value freight on track, especially during peak times. With additional measures in place to safeguard your goods, our Value Protect Solution helps you feel confident your cargo is safe, secure, and that it will arrive at the end consumer on time and in full.

Use our dedicated Value Protect Solution to gain peace of mind and confidence about the safe and efficient transport of your high-value and sensitive freight.

Connect your global supply chain with a single platform

With Navisphere®, our single, global, multimodal transportation management system, you can more easily manage every aspect of the shipment lifecycle across multiple vendors. It’s a complete digital ecosystem that streamlines complexity and improves efficiency across your supply chain.

  • Forecast possibilities and optimize your supply chain
  • Minimize costs through real-time recommendations and operational improvements
  • Know where your freight is—from purchase order management and quoting to tracking and invoicing

Ready to protect your high-value goods?

Get started today. Tell us about your business and our supply chain experts will contact you to discuss how our Value Protect Solution can help minimize your risks when transporting cargo.

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