Freight Consolidation

In today’s fluctuating markets, your business needs flexible solutions to meet increasing demands and support your planned and unplanned freight needs. With our extensive freight consolidation options, we’re here to help you manage spend without sacrificing speed.

  • Improve your on time in full performance and avoid costly penalties with our suite of consolidation services backed by global supply chain experts.
  • Maximise your supply chain efficiency and flexibility. Optimise your supply chain with the multimodal options and end-to-end visibility you need with our industry leading Navisphere® technology
  • Improve efficiency, reduce providers and focus on aggressive risk reduction strategies throughout the supply chain.
Global Solutions

Consolidation Solutions

Improving the efficiency of your smaller shipments takes a combination of expertise, technology, and sophisticated analytics. Every day, our technology saves time and reduces costs by identifying and combining freight from multiple shippers that are moving in similar lanes.

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Freight consolidation

Freight consolidation

Whether you’re moving dry or temperature controlled goods, let us handle the logistics of combining your less than truckload (LTL) and less than container load (LCL) freight into full shipments—you’ll enjoy reliable, on time in full delivery via air, ocean, or truck.

Retail Consolidation

Retail Consolidation

Improve your on time in full performance with warehouse solutions, retail-direct, and pre-paid supplier programs that combine orders from multiple suppliers into a single shipment for retailers.

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Automotive Consolidation

Automotive Consolidation

Make our supply chain expertise between the United States and Mexico your advantage. We’ll save you time and spend by combining multiple orders from automotive suppliers into single shipments for automotive manufacturing plants, distribution centers, or retail locations.

Forward Distribution

Forward Distribution

Ensure the quality and shelf-life of your goods—and cut your transport times. We’ll store and stage your product close to final destinations and pack to order, so your goods arrive on time.

What sets our consolidation services apart

Consolidation is the key to saving time and costs as you meet your increased freight demand—and its key to have a supplier that offers multimodal capacity, end-to-end visibility, and the expertise to meet varying compliance requirements and reduce your fees.

C.H. Robinson has the deepest, broadest set of consolidation services in the market—all in one place. Leveraging our vast footprint means you’ll increase velocity and gain economies of scale you can’t find anywhere else—and have confidence that your freight will arrive on time and in full with every new shipment.

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