Piloting Autonomous Vehicle Programs with Waymo Via

[On screen content]: Waymo and C.H. Robinson teamed up to autonomously move loads for Constellation Brands.
From Dallas to Houston, we successfully integrated an autonomous trucking solution into daily fleet operations.
1M+ pounds of freight delivered, 100% on-time delivery, 0 damage to loads.
Waymo Via’s technology plus C.H. Robinson’s most connected logistics platform equals increased efficiency, more capacity options, and increased safety to the industry.
And this is just the beginning.

Shaping the future of autonomous vehicles

See what’s possible with autonomous vehicles. Through early pilot programs with Waymo Via in key lanes, we’re learning how autonomous vehicles operate with the assistance of a human driver. Together, we hope to harness this emerging technology and its potential on behalf of shippers and carriers alike. Companies like Constellation Brands have already uncovered the impactful results:

  • 1M+ pounds of freight delivered
  • 100% on-time delivery
  • 0 damage to loads

See what our partnership with Waymo Via could mean for your business and the industry.