Gain peace of mind with our Value Protect Solution

There's a variety of unforeseen circumstances that our customers can encounter. Theft, legislation, paperwork, border crossings—all of this can bring complexities as to moving the cargo. So how do you stay in control? And how do you ensure you have the most efficient solution, even during peak times?

At C.H. Robinson, we specialize in high-end transportation of sensitive cargo transport. We have developed our dedicated Value Protect Solution to give you full control, and confidence about your valuable goods. The benefits are really that we put additional measures in place to ensure the cargo is secure, it's safe, it arrives at the end consumer, on time and in full.

We also have a network of specialized carriers that enable us to move this cargo in a safe and secure way. We do this with a large global leisure and sportswear retailer, and we've seen that we've been able to improve their on-time performance and be able to deliver their goods in a much more efficient and effective way.

In ever-changing logistics landscape, flexibility is one of the major factors of running successful supply chain operations. What helps us remain flexible in the solutions we offer to our customers, is using the right transportation management system, Navisphere. Which not only can quickly adapt to the changing business needs of the customers, but also provide them with real-time data, which reflects and predicts those changes.

The core of our business is not only the technology we provide to our customers, but it's also the people. We have a dedicated team in order to provide you the best services possible. And if something happens along the way, there is real-time assistance to help you as soon as possible. We have all the resources you need to support your business.

Our solution is so valuable for the customers because it gives them peace of mind. Ultimately, they feel relaxed and comfortable that their freight is moving in a secure environment with us. With C.H. Robinson as your partner, you are always certain that your goods will reach their destination—securely and efficiently.

Peace of mind and confidence when you need it most

In ever-changing logistics landscapes, flexibility is one of the major factors of running successful supply chain operations. When faced with unforeseen circumstances outside your control, our Value Protect Solution adds safeguard measures to better protect your freight—from theft, legislation, and more.

Feel relaxed and comfortable that your freight is moving in a secure environment with us. The diligent attention of our experts helps keep your high-value freight on track, especially during peak times.

Use our dedicated Value Protect Solution to gain peace of mind and confidence about the safe and efficient transport of your high-value, sensitive freight.