Manage compliance with Navisphere ACE Import Intelligence

CBP’s ACE Portal is a powerful reporting tool that all importers should put to use. Why? Because it’s a source of truth for what is actually being transmitted on your company’s behalf by all customs brokers.

You should be relying on the ACE Portal to ensure that you’re aware of any entry activity that declares your importer of record number. But we know that importers also want a tool that’s visual, dynamic and easy to navigate. That’s why we’re excited to share C.H. Robinson’s Navisphere ACE Import Intelligence.

This tool consolidates your import data from ACE, putting entry activity from all filers at your fingertips. Identify trends by key import compliance metrics and quickly drill through for additional details. Easily identify anomalies or even potential errors and capture opportunities for potential duty recovery.

Navisphere ACE Intelligence even highlights new data elements that have been entered on your company’s behalf so that you can make sure they make sense. Navisphere ACE Intelligence updates on a weekly cadence, so you can stay updated and make informed decisions—without having to navigate cumbersome spreadsheets or juggle multiple reporting sources.

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Discover the power of your Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) data

Start interacting with your ACE data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in a whole new way. Consolidate your data from ACE in one dynamic tool: Navisphere® ACE Import Intelligence.

It’s easy to understand your import activity from all filers when everything is in one place. Through visual and dynamic dashboards that are updated weekly, you can view your new entry activity regularly. Get a clear look of your import data to easily identify risks and uncover opportunities.

Customise your view—from high-level to single entries—and drill into the details to identify trends and irregularities. By doing so, you can better understand how to improve your compliance efforts.

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