Diversified Domestic Shipping for Coca-Cola Euro Pacific Partners Australia

What we looked at was how we can drive efficiencies through the supply chain. We wanted to reduce emissions, we wanted to reduce handling—streamline the process to reduce overall costs.

So, what we did was internationally, we identified at that given time that there was additional trucking lanes we could take out. That was a massive win of that tender process and for all because it also reduced all overall costs.

The future aims for CCA is to further embed ourselves into the business, while actually creating that high-level of service offering. Really smart technology, really cool efficiencies. And also, being part of that brand and that offering.

We want to reduce the emissions; we want to control a smarter supply chain. They’re partners we’re looking for that adds strength to our complexity. We are really pleased with the relationship—it’s a great partnership.

Driving efficiencies through the supply chain

See how Coca-Cola Euro Pacific Partners Australia has successfully streamlined handling and cut emissions all while reducing overall costs. Patrick Gorman, National Product Manager, Domestic shares the importance of a smarter supply chain in the domestic service. It’s all possible with smart technology backed by a high-level of service.

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