Understanding CARM payment options

Hello, I’m Marie-Audrey Lévesque, project manager at C.H. Robinson. In this video, I want to talk to you about the payment options available to you within the CARM Client Portal.

In addition to changing the direct security bond process for importers, another significant part of the CBSA CARM project involves providing payment options for importers directly in the new Client Portal. Let’s look at the accounting side of the CARM portal and discuss both the credit card payment and pre-authorized debit options available to you.

Pre-authorized debit, or PAD, is your first payment option. You can set up pre-authorized reductions from a bank account with PAD. At release two, credits on your account will also show here. At release two, you will be able to apply credits to offset amounts owed.

Your third option for paying government fees is via Interac or credit card. In addition to making payments, the CARM Client Portal makes it easy to view and download your statement of account. Use this easy access for greater visibility and shorter billing cycles.

Also related to payments is the invoice page. Here you see invoices reflecting any chargeable CBSA related fees such as an examination or unloading fee.

Payment options are only a small part of the CARM transition process. Schedule a CARM information session with our team of experts to better understand the tools in the portal, get updated on requirements, and more.

Use the CARM Client Portal to process payments

As part of the CARM process change with the CBSA, making payments will occur directly in the CARM Client Portal. See the accounting side of the portal to better understand your payment options:

  • Interac
  • Credit card
  • Pre-authorized debit (PAD)

Work with our customs team to get answers for your specific CARM questions—register for an info session.