How to Price Spot Market Freight in Seconds

[Loren Foster, Sr. Director Transportation Procurement for Anheuser Busch North America] Anheuser Busch InBev is the largest producer of beer in the world. Anheuser Busch started in the mid 18 hundreds as a beer producer here locally in St Louis.

[Loren] So our supply chain is really from the seed all the way through the sip, its end-to-end. Covering more than just beards much more complicated than people would assume. We're faced with several challenges across the logistics organization. Some of them are unique to Anheuser Busch as a whole, because of our scale. We actually are using the supply chain and our innovative partners like C.H. Robinson to really go through and disrupt the old way of working, to really go through and use the data. Use the insights. Find ways to anonymize data points. To look for trends and patterns. To avoid risk. To reduce waste&mdashto make the world a better place. Really go through and drive Sustainable Improvements.

[Loren] We have worked with C.H. Robinson for over three decades. At Anheuser Busch. Data driven decisions are integral into the DNA of the Anheuser Busch associate.

[Joe Hickey, Key Account Manager C.H. Robinson] Anheuser Busch is very data driven. They want to know if there's excessive dwell times at their breweries and were able to use our Navisphere® platform and Navisphere insight, in order to share that data for them. Then, use our industry knowledge to help them limit the dwell times.

[Loren] C.H. Robinson helped Anheuser Busch with our execution of a dynamic pricing tool that's affectionately known in some circles is the "beer bot". We go through and basically price every single load for coverage based on where those competitive pricing would be. Before we were left with two very antiquated models to actually book freight, they required a lot of human intervention. So far this year, it is yielding results.

[Loren] The information advantage that C.H. Robinson is presenting basically becomes an information base line for us. CH. Robinson would not be at scale with Anheuser Busch today if they were not able to provide and collaborate data across the supply chain.

[Loren] The C.H. Robinson team is dedicated, committed to what they're doing, they're committed the partnership. CH definitely knows our business there, always presenting new opportunities or new ideas to help us.

A.I. pricing tool creates better freight outcomes for Anheuser-Busch

Anheuser–Busch InBev is the largest producer of beer in the world. They were looking for a better system to conduct daily spot bids. We created an AI assisted pricing tool, a direct digital connection between C.H. Robinson and Anheuser–Busch, that prices and accepts thousands of shipments in less than a few seconds without human interaction.

It uses our information advantage with more data about shipments, routings and carriers than anyone—likely a few times over. This combination has transformed the entire process. Learn how they get instant competitive rates that make their lives easier and their shipments more cost effective.

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