Enhancing Safety, Security and Reliability in Latin American Land Transportation

    In today’s fiercely competitive market, choosing the right ground transportation provider helps ensure the safety and efficiency of your supply chain, particularly in the dynamic landscape of Latin America. When choosing over the road transportation services, working with a certified provider that offers comprehensive security programmes can fortify your supply chain’s safety and efficiency across Latin America—and beyond.

    4 traits to look for in an over the road transportation provider in Latin America

    Any provider you consider should have recognised certifications to keep your freight secure. For example, our C.H. Robinson offices that operate in Latin America hold both Business Anti-Smuggling Coalition (BASC) or Operador Económico Autorizado (OEA) certifications, validating our commitment to high standards of quality and safety in ground transportation.

    These and other certifications are a testament to a provider’s ability to provide reliable service and meet the requirements of regulatory bodies. 

    Also consider suppliers certified by the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) program. This certification means they collaborate with customs authorities, making it easier for you to respond quickly to customs processes.

    The commitment to CTPAT means greater cargo security and traceability, faster release times and a significant reduction in the risks associated with international trade. It’s a great way to avoid unnecessary delays and enjoy a smooth and efficient supply chain.

    Whenever delivering in Latin America, make sure that you work with highly trained professionals with in-depth knowledge of local regulations and laws in each country you deliver. This means you’ll get the services you need—adapted to the specific regulations of each region.

    The right level of expertise can help you to reduce risk exposure and offers the assurance that your deliveries will comply with regulatory legal and customs requirements.

    In addition to all the traits described above, the right over the road provider will have even more cargo security measures available—especially in Latin America.

    Find a provider with rigorous risk management protocols, innovative security measures and continuous monitoring capabilities. These strategies will help you to maintain an unwavering shield over your products while in transit.

    Finally, providers with comprehensive cargo insurance offer an additional safety net should the unforeseen occur.

    Trust your supply chain to capable hands

    Following the steps above will help to ensure your over the road transportation is prepared for the dynamic market—no matter which part of the world you operate in.

    Backed by our extensive industry expertise, reputable certifications and robust security initiatives, C.H. Robinson can deliver the dependable, efficient and secure service you’re looking for. Connect with an expert today.


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