Our Leadership Principles

What it means to work at C.H. Robinson, how we drive exceptional results, and ways we develop our people for the future are all defined by our Leadership Principles.

Adapt and Change

Challenge the status quo and commit to a growth mindset that fuels the transformation of our business. Execute with urgency to make decisions and meet shifting demands in real-time.

Constantly Innovate and Improve

Bring new ideas and new ways of working to the forefront, embrace change and commit to adoption of our evolving model. Commit to continuous improvement of your own skillset and management discipline. Keep your tools sharp and your knowledge current about the pace of change in the competitive, technology and customer landscapes.

Deliver Exceptional Results

Generate exceptional results to drive value for our customers, carriers, shareholders and employees. Hold yourself and others accountable to consistently go above and beyond to meet commitments and grow our position as one of the world’s largest logistics platforms.

Compete to Win

Encourage big thinking at all levels and through all aspects of our work. Establish and commit to a long-term business direction while continually looking ahead to future possibilities and translating them into breakthrough strategies.

Coach and Develop our People

Build a deep understanding of the skills and abilities of your people. Commit to their long-term personal and professional growth and take accountability for seeing them grow and advance. Align their passion with their potential and commit to consistently providing feedback, development opportunities and recognition.

Think Like the Customer

Guarantee our internal and external customer’s perspective is a driving force behind strategic priorities, business decisions, processes, and individual activities. Serve and empower your team to facilitate collaboration, increase performance and serve our customer better than anyone else. Advocate for our customers’ needs and deliver excellent service.

Value Differences

Recognize that diversity make us a smarter, stronger team. Take meaningful action to create a safe environment where everyone is comfortable and positioned to thrive. Reduce barriers and support the systems and policies that provide equity for our people and our communities.


Be relentless and transparent with your communication. Share as much as you can, as consistently as you can, about our direction and future state. Champion your team. Seek feedback, recognize great work and share challenges to establish trust, a sense of inclusion and two-way communication that yields greatness.