How small parcel services and customized reports made a big impact in cost savings for Meyers


Meyers aimed to alleviate labor-intensive processes while reducing costs across the board and maintaining a high level of quality.


C.H. Robinson teams worked with Meyers to develop and implement customized solutions that included advanced reporting tools and assessments to identify opportunities to save time and money.


The solutions C.H. Robinson designed for Meyers performed so well that many have become part of the standard service offering for other C.H. Robinson customers with similar needs.

C.H. Robinson has provided us with better solutions and methods than what we were doing. Before, loading addresses for drop shipments was mostly a manual process. C.H. Robinson came in and helped us streamline that.


There are times when Meyers needs to receive information in a timely manner and in a specific fashion. When I call our C.H. Robinson account manager, she’ll often be able to create what we need while we’re on the phone.


Meyers, a Midwest-based printing company, designs and manufactures signage, label, and card solutions for their retail clients, who range from some of the world’s most established brands to emerging companies. Meyers’ work and products are paired with the nation’s top merchandise and can be seen at virtually every retail outlet in the United States.

Attention to detail

When Meyers became a C.H. Robinson customer in 2009, the company was looking for transportation efficiencies and cost savings. C.H. Robinson began moving Meyers’ products with less than truckload (LTL) and truckload service, and then expanded to include ground, express, and international small parcel services.

A knowledgeable C.H. Robinson account manager guided implementation processes and helped ensure that small parcel services began without a hitch. “Just like any new process, we expect some bumps in the beginning,” said Drew Rousu, fulfillment and logistics manager at Meyers. “But right out of the gate, the C.H. Robinson team brought really great ideas that helped make the transition smooth."

For Meyers, efficient transportation is important. But it’s only one piece of the puzzle; quality is just as important. Because Meyers produces high-value items that countless consumers see around North America, they need to know that items arrive at their destinations without damage. “Our packages must arrive at retailers in the same condition they were in when they left our dock,” said Rousu. “ C.H. Robinson’s attention to detail and desire to help us is invaluable. It’s very rare that product leaves our dock and ends up at a customer’s dock looking a different way.” 

Strong relationships and competitive customer service brings overall supply chain effiency

In addition to managing day to day freight needs and maintaining the integrity of packages, Meyers also values C.H. Robinson’s customer service. Where other providers offer 800-numbers with unfamiliar representatives answering calls, Meyers calls their C.H. Robinson account manager directly—someone who not only knows the ins and outs of small parcel service, but also understands Meyers’ specific needs and goals.

The collaborative relationship between companies sets the stage for open and honest conversations about current and future needs and, ultimately, drives more strategic solutions and continuous improvements that bring efficiency to the entire supply chain.

Enhanced reporting drives smarter business decisions

One of the most impactful outcomes Meyers experienced working with C.H. Robinson was getting the tailored reports that fit their business needs. “Reporting is crucial for our business, especially our billing process,” explained Rousu.

C.H. Robinson developed several specialized reports based on what Meyers needed. Many of those reports are now integrated into C.H. Robinson’s small parcel offering—reports that other providers can’t offer. “That’s the kind of responsiveness I’ve come to expect from C.H. Robinson. But they keep delivering on it, so I keep expecting it.”

From daily reports to transit reports, batch rates to tracking requests, the reports C.H. Robinson sends to Meyers provide the information needed—even down to the most granular level—so they can make more informed business decisions.

Adding value—and savings—across the board

As a state-of-the-art printer, Meyers does exceptional work creating valuable, sensitive products. C.H. Robinson implemented processes to protect those items and get them delivered on time, as well as finding more cost effective ways to get the job done. “Our C.H. Robinson team tackles a multitude of challenges so our people don’t have to. This results in cost savings directly to Meyers, and it brings C.H. Robinson’s customer service up another level for us,” said Rousu.

The C.H. Robinson team works to add value whenever possible—from negotiating better pricing and accessorial fees to creating a better point of contact. They help Meyers by pricing out multiple modes for a project, finding the best transit times, and regularly running pricing exercises. C.H. Robinson has also created tools that help Meyers’ hand finishing department. Using a series of formulas, they can now determine if a product will be considered over weight or over dimensional—something that helps prevent surprise fees.

“Our goal is to always support our customers’ retail marketing efforts, to help them gain market share,” said Rousu. “We’re looking to partner with them in any ways that can help them make their businesses more successful, and that’s where our relationship with C.H. Robinson becomes really important—because they support us in our efforts to do that.”

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