U.S. Customs Compliance: Your Guide to Reasonable Care

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Navigate the regulatory requirements involved with customs compliance

Due to the complex nature of customs requirements, mistakes can—and do—occur. One thing is certain, all importers of record must exercise “reasonable care” with respect to the declared value, tariff classification, and rate of duty to CBP at the time of entry. Understanding what reasonable care is, where the most common mistakes occur, and best practices to avoid them can help prevent errors and penalties down the road.

Use this white paper to become a well-prepared importer with a proactive risk mitigation strategy that helps maintain compliance and avoids some of the most common errors shippers make when importing goods into the United States.

Get strategies you need to enhance your own import strategy:

  • Understand common valuation mistakes importers make
  • See what type of classification issues pop up most often
  • Learn the most common rates of duty errors importers make
  • Get best practices for mitigating risks and achieving compliance