Global Forwarding: Biggest, Fastest Savings for Global Supply Chains

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Identify opportunities for global supply chain cost reduction

There are many ideas on how to reduce supply chain costs, but which improvements yield the most savings for the effort?

The rising costs of global supply chain management (i.e., fuel, labor, total landed costs) are a top business pressure in today’s post-pandemic world. Contrary to what many importers and exporters might believe, global freight forwarding can offer relief for these concerns. In fact, when people, processes, and technology are leveraged, it can even offer competitive advantages.

Take a high-level look at three opportunities for optimization:

  • Cargo consolidation: Accommodate small volume shipping needs by consolidating your freight with freight from other shippers.
  • Cargo risk management: Protect the value of goods shipped globally by understanding the risks freight is exposed at different parts of the journey.
  • Customs management: Work with customs experts to implement best practices that avoid common mistakes and their associated penalties.