Navisphere Optimizer

Establish the optimal freight shipment plan for your unique business goals, saving an average of 8%—or as much as 30%—on shipping.

Freight optimization makes shipping faster, easier, and more cost-effective

The more complex your supply chain, the more you need technology that can optimize your freight transportation in less time. Navisphere® Optimizer is a global technology that’s configured to your unique business requirements. Use Optimizer to minimize shipments, travel time, distance, and total miles while maximizing trailer utilization and savings. In fact, utilizing our information advantage, Optimizer increases savings for shippers by 8% on average, and can increase savings by up to 30%. How can Optimizer benefit your business?

Remove waste and emissions

Reduce miles traveled and maximize trailer utilization by leveraging our data advantage.

Ensure optimal solutions and execution

Develop the most effective plans using available data, machine learning, and data science modeling.

Save time finding the best shipment plan

Eliminate manual work finding the best shipment strategy using automated, intuitive technology.

Increase savings despite market volatility

Use Optimizer to make decisions that impact savings when you can’t control rates.

See what Optimizer can do

Configurable to your business

Save countless hours of time with technology shaped to your needs. Trust our expert supply chain engineers to configure and calibrate Optimizer to accommodate the best shipment strategy as your business goals shift.

Full Navisphere integration

Reduce the hassle of forcing multiple systems to work together. With Optimizer, all your information—from rates to pricing—and the world’s largest dataset on shipments, routings, and carriers exists in a single location, eliminating the time and data required when working with a third-party solution.

Executable load plans

Take your optimal shipment strategies to the next level with our seamless execution capabilities. Automatically book freight, execute your route guide, and put your plans into action.

Success measurement tools

See the big picture with Optimizer’s analytics and reports. Using your historical shipping patterns and our information advantage, you gain the ability to understand the implications of your decisions and how unique business objectives affect your supply chain strategies.

Drive better outcomes with unparalleled information

Our expert supply chain engineers configure the technology around your unique business requirements and continuously calibrate to achieve your goals.

  1. Input data
    Decisions are only as good as the data that informs them. To begin with, we standardize and clean up your information for use in Navisphere.

  2. Configure business rules
    Supply chain engineers translate and configure your unique business requirements into constraints that guide the optimization process
  3. Optimization
    Optimizer evaluates various approaches to solving your challenges using proprietary algorithms—dynamically selecting the best solution(s) for your goals

  4. Execute solutions
    The best solution(s) are deployed to Navisphere where we execute and measure your desired plan

Real-world Optimizer success

Global Tool Manufacturer

Challenge: A leading tool manufacturer lacked systems and visibility to effectively optimize orders. They regularly routed multiple orders per day on separate shipments to the same destinations, which resulted in higher costs.

Solution: Using Navisphere Optimizer to analyze their data, C.H. Robinson identified several areas of opportunity. The company implemented Navisphere as their transportation management system (TMS), which allowed them to leverage order aggregation and multi-stop routing.

Result: They developed a thorough implementation plan focused on distribution centers with the greatest opportunity and are on their way to an annualized cost savings of 11.7%.

Leading Consumer Products Organization

Challenge: A leading consumer products manufacturer had grown through acquisition. As a result, they lacked common systems and processes to manage inbound material shipments from vendors into manufacturing and distribution sites.

Solution: The manufacturer outsourced all inbound transportation to C.H. Robinson. This saved internal resources the time and effort required to standardize inbound processes. The company implemented Navisphere as their transportation management system (TMS). Through it, suppliers scheduled and executed inbound shipments in a single location, making order aggregation, ship-date optimization, and multi-stop routing possible.

Result: The company has improved visibility and improved data accuracy for their inbound supply chain as well as saved 10.2% from inbound shipment costs. Ongoing analysis by C.H. Robinson has uncovered further optimization strategies that are expected to yield an additional 5.5% in savings.

It’s your turn to get results

Drive better outcomes with unparalleled information.