Achieve Your Supply Chain Sustainability Goals

Effortlessly measure and reduce emissions across your global supply chain

Supply chain sustainability is smart business

Efficient supply chains are smart for business and the environment. By removing waste from your supply chain, you can increase efficiency, uncover cost savings opportunities, and decrease emissions.

See your carbon emissions

Easily review your supply chain’s carbon emissions by mode, location, and retailer to gain insights that will focus your reduction efforts.

Benchmark performance

Understand how your carbon emissions trend over time and compare your performance to companies in your industry and the larger market.

Reduce emissions

Gain insights to reduce costs and carbon emissions from consolidation and modal conversion to network redesign and inventory reduction.

Get started: Emissions IQ™

Measure and help reduce your supply chain’s carbon emissions with this self-serve tool from Robinson Labs.

Emissions IQ™ automatically pulls your data so you can:

  • View carbon emissions from shipments managed by C.H. Robinson
  • Establish a baseline and improve your performance over time
  • Make quick decisions and take action wherever you are in your carbon reduction journey

Go further: Consulting and optimisation

Discover opportunities to increase savings and efficiency, while reducing carbon emissions, through a custom supply chain assessment. By analysing all shipments across modes and regions—including those not managed by C.H. Robinson—our experts can provide you with efficiency opportunities:

  • Network rationalisation
  • Load and mode optimisation strategies
  • Ways to reduce empty miles

Reduce what you can. Offset what you can’t.

Make an impact by offsetting carbon emissions from your supply chain. Through our relationship with the Foundation, a leading 501(c)(3) nonprofit climate solutions provider, you can quickly and easily meet your sustainability and business goals by purchasing credits that support high-impact projects, like energy efficiency, forestry, and renewable energy. You may also be eligible for globally accredited distinctions, including the Carbonfree® Shipping designation.

Emissions IQ: Data at your fingertips

Sustainability IQ features, items in the tool

Baseline analysis

Review your emissions data by mode, location, and retailer, as well as quantity of shipments booked with SmartWay certified carriers.

Emissions summary

Get an overview of your Scope 3 emissions by MTCO2e's and tonne-mile or tonne-kilometer, intensity, and mode. This report uses the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) framework.

Key performance indicators

Compare your emissions output versus emissions avoided through modal conversion, as well as percentage of shipments booked with SmartWay certified carriers.

Year-over-year benchmark

Use our information advantage to benchmark your performance against your past emissions, your industry, and all shippers.


One of the largest outdoor sports retailers had a goal to reduce emissions across their entire supply chain to help them on the journey to becoming a carbon neutral company.


Using Emissions IQ, the company measured emissions from freight transportation and benchmarked their year-over-year performance. The tool revealed areas to reduce emissions. The company took action through purchase order aggregation, consolidation, and mode optimisation.


In 2020, the retailer successfully reduced their carbon emissions by 2.8 million pounds and set goals to make further reductions in 2021. These efforts firmly establish them as a sustainability leader in their industry.

It’s your turn to get results

Set and achieve your supply chain sustainability goals.

Learn more about supply chain sustainability

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is GLEC and why is it important to use the GLEC framework?

The acronym GLEC stands for the Global Logistics Emissions Council. The GLEC has established the standard methodology companies follow to consistently calculate the greenhouse gas footprint across global multimodal supply chains. Being GLEC accredited confirms that any calculations of carbon emissions will follow the GLEC framework, so companies can make informed business decisions to reduce emissions.

Q: What is a SmartWay certified carrier and why should I choose them over non-certified carriers?

By registering with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) SmartWay programme, certified carriers can prove their ability to measure, benchmark, and improve freight transportation efficiency. Choosing a SmartWay certified carrier means you’re selecting a carrier that supports supply chain sustainability through efficiency.

Q: What emissions can C.H. Robinson help me measure?

Through Emissions IQ, we can help you measure Scope 3 emissions generated from surface transportation shipments tendered to C.H. Robinson.

Through our consulting and optimisation services, we can measure—and help you reduce—Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions across your entire global supply chain.

Visit the EPA website for more information about the three types of greenhouse gas emissions.

Q: Can C.H. Robinson help me set sustainability goals?

Yes. Our global network of experts can work with you to establish attainable goals and identify actionable steps to reach them.

Q: How does the GLEC Framework methodology differ from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol?

The GLEC Framework complies with the GHG Protocol’s requirements and has earned the “Built on the GHG Protocol” mark. It is intended to be used with the Corporate Standard.

Q: Can I use emissions calculations from Emissions IQ in my current reporting for the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)? How else can I use this data?

Yes. Emissions IQ uses the GLEC Framework, which is an approved CDP reporting methodology that is available within the drop-down options within the Online Response System (ORS) platform. Customers can submit their GLEC-accredited emissions data in their CDP response as well as any other survey or reporting framework requiring emissions data.

Q: Is there an additional fee to access the emissions data about my shipments with C.H. Robinson?

No. All data related to your shipments with C.H. Robinson is free and you can retrieve it at any time. There is an additional fee to upload data from outside sources or for additional analysis.

Q: Where is C.H. Robinson in their sustainability/ESG journey?

Sustainability is important at C.H. Robinson. We are committed to responsible business practices that help ensure a positive impact on our communities, our people, and our planet. Learn more about our corporate sustainability initiatives.