Supply chain engineering

Overcome rising costs, network inefficiencies and their associated challenges with engineering solutions that take your supply chain to its full potential. Design your ideal future state with consulting services from TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson.

  • Turn critical data into actionable recommendations by assessing your supply chain’s current challenges.
  • Configure our scope of services to meet specific project needs or gain ongoing support and dedicated resources.
  • Stay within your budget and timeline expectations with instant access to supply chain engineers, procurement specialists and strategic planners.

Supply Chain Engineering Solutions

From analysing new distribution strategies and determining optimal warehouse locations to redesigning your network after an acquisition, our engineering solutions deliver everything you need to improve service, reduce costs and minimise emissions so you can thrive in any market.

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Network Design

Network Design

After analysing your current state, we can help to establish optimal network node locations, realign sourcing policies and effectively use delivering lanes.

Transportation Modelling & Optimisation

Transportation Modelling & Optimisation

By modelling and simulating potential transportation options, you can clearly see what works best for your business—without jeopardising your freight in motion.

Performance management

Performance management

Establishing a common understanding of goals with standardised key performance indictors (KPIs) across business units and regions is only the beginning. You also gain the expertise and guidance to continuously track your performance and achieve real-world results.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Supply chain delays and disruptions can be an unwanted wakeup call. Rethink your current strategies and invest in strategic resilience for high-risk areas of your supply chain—national disasters, carrier risks and port delays.

What sets our engineering services apart

When you work with TMC for supply chain engineering, you get both actionable insights and the help you to need to implement change and achieve real-world results. See what some past and current customers have accomplished:

transportation savings

more efficient asset use

fewer CO2 emissions

Our teams around the world support over $8B in freight under management, across all industries, so we understand how best practices apply to your unique needs—no matter the challenge.

Network redesign success


One chemical manufacturer struggled with an outdated network that no longer met the needs of their shifting customer base. Before replacing their warehouses, first they wanted to know what an optimal network looked like.


The manufacturer worked with TMC to model their network based on multiple greenfield analyses and a market intelligence review. It compared five separate scenarios—including transportation rates from the company’s existing providers for each potential new lane.


TMC identified optimal site locations, which came with a 5% service level improvement and 10% reduction in transportation costs. Beyond savings, the company gained new clarity into their total landed costs and how various areas of the network affect those costs.

Stay updated and outperform competitors

Smart decisions are based on accurate, informative data. Working with top universities, our sponsored research uses real-world data to help you to compete—no matter what the delivery market has in store.

Looking for skilled logistics experts to execute your delivery strategy?

We’re here to help. Get 4PL solutions through TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson. Work with experts who act as an extension of your team, while you stay in control of your established carrier relationships.