Parcel Shipping with C.H. Robinson and FedEx

Improve your service, visibility, and efficiency without sacrificing your budget. When you need to maximize your parcel supply chain, C.H. Robinson has the industry-leading technology, people, and strategic relationships that work for you.

Now, through our collaboration with FedEx, you can add the power of dedicated customer service, greater end-to-end shipment visibility, and even more competitive rates.

  • Leverage the power of two industry leaders with a complete experience that combines the supply chain expertise of C.H. Robinson with the expansive capacity of FedEx
  • Utilize AI powered modeling tools, branded tracking notifications, and full performance reporting backed by a team of C.H. Robinson parcel experts supporting your business
  • See what’s possible for your parcel supply chain with access to our visibility dashboard highlighting key parcel metrics like spend by carrier, service level, accessorial, or shipping location
Global Solutions

FedEx Parcel Services

Parcel packages (boxes under 150 lbs.) have become an increasingly complex part of the supply chain. With many different service level options, confusing dimension and weight factors, countless accessorial charges and increasing costs, reliable capacity, and data visibility are keys to success.

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Parcel Technology

Parcel Technology

The C.H. Robinson best-in-class Parcel Intelligence platform transforms your parcel data into meaningful, actionable insights. Performance dashboards, customized reporting, enhanced in transit shipping visibility, advanced modeling and analytics, RFP management, and more are available to you anytime, anywhere.

Shipping Parcel with C.H. Robinson and FedEx

Shipping Parcel with C.H. Robinson and FedEx

FedEx capacity and service combines with C.H. Robinson supply chain experts, process, and industry leading Parcel Intelligence technology to provide an end-to-end parcel solution.

Unique parcel solutions for your business

Don’t underestimate the impact effective parcel solutions can have on your bottom line. Let our supply chain experts leverage your existing customer data to create a custom parcel shipping strategy that improves performance and increases customer satisfaction.

With C.H. Robinson and FedEx you’ll get reliable capacity and service plus end-to-end visibility of your parcel shipments.

We’ll optimize your transit times, service levels, and contracts through our modeling and analytics—and you’ll have the visibility you need to improve your efficiency via a single, easy-to-understand dashboard using leading parcel technology.