Reconciliation Webinar Posted and ACE Portal Updates

  • Rows: August 18, 2022
  • Affected Regions: North America
  • Advisory Type: Tariff

Dear Valued Customer,




On August 12, 2022, in the Cargo Systems Messaging Service (CSMS) #52945084, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) posted the replay of the educational webinar on Reconciliation that took place May 12, 2022. “This webinar covered reconciliation fundamentals and provided insight into various issues the Trade Community and CBP Centers of Excellence and Expertise (Centers) experience when filing and processing reconciliation entry summaries”. You can view the webinar replay and answers to over 50 questions participants had during the meeting on the CBP Reconciliation page at Reconciliation | U.S. Customs and Border Protection (


ACE Portal


Importers can gain access to their trade data from CBP by applying for their own ACE Portal account associated with your employer identification number (EIN).  Importers can now view their CBP forms 28, 29, and 4647 in their ACE portal to avoid delays in processing requests from CBP. To learn more information about applying for an ACE Portal account, here.


Starting on August 29, 2022, CBP said it will make available a new report in the ACE Secure Data Portal that will give ACE account users the option to electronically view and track their outstanding refund status, as well as history for all refunds processed after the deployment date.


On August 16, 2022, CBP issued CSMS #52973017 announcing an ACE User Satisfaction Survey for 2022. CBP encourages the trade community to submit their anonymous responses “to ensure more accurate representation across the import and export industries.” The survey will remain open through midnight, August 26, 2022. CSMS #52973017 - 2022 ACE User Satisfaction Survey (


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