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Flexible rail freight solutions drive supply chain efficiencies

Benefit from rail freight service between Europe and China

  • Save time. Speed up transit time compared to ocean shipping. Rail shipping helps you deliver products with shorter deadlines.
  • Add flexibility. Choose the delivery schedule that works for your business. We offer multiple departure options each week in both Europe and Asia.
  • Gain reliability. Expect more stability during peak seasons with a more efficient shipping option.
  • Cut costs. Experience affordable rates with no fuel surcharges, especially when compared to air freight costs.
  • Go green. Reduce CO2 emissions compared to air and ocean services to better reach your sustainability goals.
  • Get door-to-door service. Deliver to all European destinations with wide coverage. Expect round trip service between Europe and China, reliable capacity and an efficient gateway structure.



Europe to Asia rail map
  • Choose from multiple departures per week from origin to destination to best meet your timeline requirements.
  • Consider a wide range of transport options, including full block train, single or multiple containers, less than container load (LCL) shipments and oversized cargo.
  • Gain support from people you can rely on, backed by our global network of customs experts, who can act as an extension of your team.
  • Add cargo insurance options for end-to-end shipment coverage.

Key stages of rail shipping

Rail shipping can improve efficiency and performance. In fact, rail shipping between our Europe and Asia rail terminals averages between 14 and 18 days.

When you know where your freight is now and where it’s going to be, you can better plan for the unexpected. As a solutions company, we provide an information advantage to drive better outcomes for your business. Trust our deep expertise and experience working with the largest, most sophisticated shippers in the world to guide you through the entire rail freight process. Our global network relies on local experts to deliver seamless, high-quality logistics services around the globe.

China to Europe rail process

The Belt and Road Initiative: Rail Service between Europe and Asia

Is Europe-Asia rail shipping an ideal solution for your business? These five guidelines can help you determine if your company could benefit from Europe-Asia rail service.