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Create a Demand Powered Supply Chain with C.H. Robinson and SAS

Connect your demand and inventory planning data with transportation data, in real-time

Juggling complex planning environments and processes, heightened customer expectations, and industry volatility, retail supply chains face more complicated challenges than ever before. C.H. Robinson’s partnership with SAS creates an end-to-end supply chain solution that integrates inventory and demand data with real-time transportation data.

What you can expect

In today’s increasingly complex retail industry, you need innovative technology to drive better solutions for your supply chain. With a demand powered supply chain through SAS and C.H. Robinson, shippers with high volumes of truckload freight can:

  • Reduce inventory. Gain real-time visibility to standing and in-motion inventories, reducing raw material and finished good needs.
  • Improve service. Align the largest pool of transportation capacity to the specific needs of your demand plan.
  • Increase savings. Dynamically match your demand planning data to quality transportation options that are aligned to your freight needs.
  • Gain efficiencies. Sync your forecasting and transportation strategy into a unified, agile process.

Connect with an expert today to learn how your retail or consumer packaged goods (CPG) business can leverage smart supply chain solutions through a demand powered supply chain.

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