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Find a Load

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Looking for freight? Let us help you keep your equipment loaded and on the road. We offer unbeatable freight options, fast payment, automated communications, and programs to simplify your life.

Discover your real-time freight opportunities now at our websites just for carriers:

Grow Your Flatbed Business

At these sites, or by contacting a local office, you can choose your load and lane preferences. Select long/short haul freight; headhaul/backhaul; local, specialized, and expedited freight; drop trailers and teams; seasonal; dedicated; and transactional freight. Tell us if you have a load specialty in produce/perishables, Mexico/Canada, Hazmat, alcohol, drayage, high value, or blanket wrap.

Register to gain access to the CHRWTrucks website where you can find loads and post your available equipment. Or, for more information about what we can do for you, visit the websites above or contact Carrier Services at 1-800-323-7587 option #3.