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Nearshoring and manufacturing

Manufacturing closer to home can increase speed to market and lower inventory carrying costs

Supply chain visibility is key to transportation timing

The regimented nature of the manufacturing industry means that timing is everything. Perfecting that timing means you need to know the status of every shipment. Like a chain reaction, one late delivery can have far reaching repercussions—and not just for your company.

Good news: With C.H. Robinson, it's possible to get the correct level of visibility to make it happen. And better yet, we have specific manufacturing expertise to help guide your supply chain decisions.

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Meet one of our manufacturing logistics experts

Julie is currently a senior manager of operational excellence. Every day, she helps her team and manufacturing customers focus on continuous improvement. She believes strongly in finding better, more efficient ways to handle routine tasks.

In her experience, the most effective way to add efficiency is to use and analyze accurate supply chain data. Beyond her daily responsibilities, Julie also founded a Women’s Leadership Group at her office.

What can an expert like Julie do for you?

What's trending in manufacturing logistics?

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The benefits of frequent transportation bids

We've done the research to show exactly the right time to conduct your next procurement event. Our white paper not only tells you how carriers adjust pricing, but explains why regular procurement events can lower costs.
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We're here to connect your global supply chain

Getting raw materials and finished products where they need to be, when they need to be there, isn't always straightforward—especially in a global environment. Together, we can create the solutions your business needs.

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Is it time to focus on inbound transportation?

In the manufacturing industry, your inbound supply chain can be just as important as outbound. Sorting through the many ways to take control of your inbound transportation is easy with our white paper.