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Looking for an approved provider?

C.H. Robinson is both DOD and GSA approved in the United States.

Tight timelines and high expectations mean service is top priority

Above all, supply chains in the government and education space need two things to be successful. First, they need high degrees of service. Second, they need diverse reporting options.

The expansive nature of the government and education market mean that focusing on these areas is the best way to meet tight timelines, stand up to detailed government requirements, and promote continuous supply chain improvements.

We have the extensive carrier network needed for reliable capacity, but more importantly we stand by our commitments and have Navisphere® technology to support all levels of visibility.

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Meet one of our government and education logistics experts

Working with government and government contractor supply chains is a unique field. After 15 years, Scott still takes the time to learn everything he can about his customers. Because he understands that relationships are important to overall supply chain success.

To help ensure he’s offering the best service, Scott stays up to date with federal acquisition regulations and has obtained his Certified Supply Chain Professionals certificate.

What can an expert like Scott do for you?

What's trending in government & education logistics?

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Let's talk transportation budgets

Discussing transportation budgets with non-transportation professionals just got easier. Our white paper outlines key drivers of transportation cost increases in terms that just about anyone can understand.

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Achieve the most savings for the least effort

Uncovering supply chain cost savings is possible. You just need to know what changes will yield that greatest results. We've put together the perfect list to get you started finding the biggest, fastest transportation savings.