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Increasing chemical production will result in 1.8 million more annual shipments by 2020*

Understanding the science behind seamless chemical shipments

Shipping chemicals and plastics is intricate and specialized. Our experts know the risks and added considerations that are inherent to shipping these materials.

Whether you ship hazardous or non-hazardous materials, every detail of the transportation process matters. Service is our highest priority for the safe delivery of your chemical shipments.

When it comes to your large liquid bulk, dry HAZMAT bulk, and domestic ISO tank shipments, trust our dedicated chemical logistics team, ChemSolutions® to enhance the overall success of your supply chain.

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Meet one of our chemicals experts

Adam’s vast supply chain knowledge paired with his chemical industry knowledge is uncomparable. Adam works with chemical companies around the world to proactively navigate the changing transportation marketplace and implement custom solutions. With his help, customers achieve long term growth through short term process improvements.

Adam is also ChemSolutions’ Responsible Care® Coordinator. In this role, he serves as representative to the American Chemistry Council’s Health, Safety, Security and Environment program, giving him unparalleled experience in the industry.

What can an expert like Adam do for you?

What's trending in chemicals & plastics logistics?

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Strengthen your chemical supply chain

Do you have the right supply chain skills to meet customer requirements?
chemicals and plastics logistics

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*PwC on behalf of the American Chemistry Council (ACC). "Transporting Growth: Delivering a Chemical Manufacturing Renaissance." p.8.
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