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Globalization, increasing competition, and logistical complexities in the food and beverage industry have made it harder for companies to effectively manage their supply chains. Without proper end-to-end insight, it becomes nearly impossible to gain control of the supply chain and all its suppliers, distributors, and associated costs. With foresight, initiative, and resourcefulness, Bloomin’ Brands, Inc., worked with C.H. Robinson to tackle foodservice supply chain challenges.

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Don't let growth slow you down

Bloomin’ Brands recognized opportunities in their legacy supply chain and anticipated that continued growth may have generated further challenges. A supply chain evolution was necessary both to keep them on course for continued success and to provide centralized support for individual restaurant locations.

MPS technology that manages the entire purchase order process

MPS reduces costs

On average, MPS customers cut supply chain expenses from 7-10% through technology, expertise, and smart solutions. Our solutions are backed by a web-based technology platform that electronically manages the entire purchase order process from inbound orders to invoicing.