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A legacy of leadership

Named after our founder, Charles Henry Robinson, C.H. Robinson has evolved from a wholesale produce brokerage house into one of the largest third party logistics (3PL) companies in the world. When Robinson incorporated C.H. Robinson Company in 1905, he set the tone for his business—hardworking, flexible, and service-oriented—a tradition we've carried forward for over a century.

Robinson's successors mirrored his dedication and vision, which helped establish our position as an industry leader. We thrived as the transportation industry evolved, from the introduction of the first non-ice-based refrigerated truck in 1939 to the building of the interstate highway system starting in 1945 to transportation deregulation in 1980. And since produce freight was exempt from many of the transportation regulations in place prior to 1980, our early roots in the produce industry gave us a head start on developing strong business relationships, expertise, and supply chain solutions.

For the past century, we've remained financially stable, focused on meeting the needs of our customers, contract carriers, and suppliers, and firmly secured our place as a leader in freight transportation, supply chain logistics, and sourcing. We stay close to the market and meet every challenge with innovation, employing the best technology and talented, empowered employees. As the supply chain industry continues to grow and change, our commitment to success and providing exceptional value is unwavering.

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