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Navisphere® online access

Log in Method

You have easy access to online customer tools through one central location. Go to and select "Navisphere" from the dropdown in the Account Login box.

User Interface

You will see an updated look for the website plus improvements that give you easier access to key tasks and information you use regularly.

Homepage Dashboard

View your transportation activities at a glance and see the activities in your network using the homepage dashboard. Create a custom toolkit where you can gain easy access to common tasks.

Streamlined Tracking Screens

Navigate large amounts of data more easily. You can prioritise and customise the information you want to see using streamlined tracking screens.

Customised Shipment Entry

Choose the balance of flexibility and process control that is right for your business. Shipments are tailored to match your custom process, from currency to language to internal business process flow.

C.H. Robinson's Proprietary Single Global Technology Platform

C.H. Robinson's Navisphere technology platform gives you end to end shipment visibility and connects you with all your customers and service providers—anywhere in the world where you do business—so you can manage spend, manage risk and improve efficiency. Navisphere quickly integrates with other ERP systems and is customised to fit your specific needs. Using industry best practices and our global trade and compliance experience, Navisphere can help you capitalise on opportunities to build consistent processes that streamline interactions with your network. Advanced business intelligence tools help you improve business processes, avoid excess costs and proactively resolve challenges today, not tomorrow. Navisphere is reliable and scalable, supported by a secure data center and is ready to expand along with your business, wherever you want to go.

Shipment tracking

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