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Customise your distribution strategy

Warehousing and distribution is important to your entire supply chain. You need to secure and manage space on your schedule and near your preferred transport lanes and ports. You can improve your inventory control and manage your cargo efficiently with warehouse solutions in the Asia Pacific region.

Warehouse design can improve your supply chain strategy

  • Choose from flexible warehouse locations in key locations throughout the Asia Pacific region to suit your requirements
  • Access to warehouse space when you need it
  • Connect to warehousing services in Europe and North America
  • Automation and technology (scanners and more) as requested

A variety of warehouse services help you:

  • Hold imported cargo without clearing customs or paying duties
  • Clear customs and pay fees only when product is ready to be distributed from a bonded warehouse
  • Reduce import duty and control costs and tax payments (VAT or other assessments)
  • Eliminate liability of freight handoffs and bond switching with door to door shipment coordination
  • Order fulfillment and special handling services on request
  • Add value with services such as repacking and rework
  • Get assistance with commercial setup in certain countries

Maximise your supply chain with customised warehouse solutions. Contact a local representative today to learn more about your warehousing options.