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Temperature can be tricky.

Shelf life matters. You want the longest shelf life for your products, but hiccups in your supply chain could get in the way. In fact, those issues may reduce your shelf life by up to 50%, which then impacts your bottom line. So, what do you do? You have to eliminate those issues before they impact your products and your business.

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We share your passion for cold chain integrity.

At C.H. Robinson, we have been shipping temperature-sensitive products for more than a century through our Robinson Fresh division. We take our knowledge of best practices and innovations in cold chain and bring them to your supply chain to get every detail right. We help you meet stringent requirements, connect you with your shipments through Navisphere®, and provide the right mix of equipment and services. Whatever solution you need—be it temperature controlled LTL, truckload, perishable consolidation, freeze protected, expedited, cross-border or more—we help you Accelerate Your Advantage®.

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How a grocery operation increased efficiencies through traceability.


C.H. Robinson, a grocer association, a software manufacturer, and a citrus grower joined forces to launch the produce industry’s first, end-to-end, multi-party traceability route.


Working collaboratively, we developed a Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) that went through independent operational environments from grower to retailer. These traceability capabilities for inbound, slotted, and outbound product increased efficiencies into the grocer association’s operation by .1 to .3 basis points.


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