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Turn your flatbed strategy into a success

You’re not alone if you can’t always find flatbeds when you need them. Some days, you make 5 calls and get 5 flatbeds in a row. Next day, you make 50 calls to find 0 flatbeds. This is no way to live. Now, imagine it's the second quarter of the year. Flatbeds are in high demand. You need a step deck or double drop deck trailer to deliver to a remote location, or maybe an over dimensional flatbed for project work. All you want is a flatbed carrier that will pick up and deliver on time and provide tracking for the shipment. Is that too much to ask?

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One company’s solution to the flatbed dilemma


A manufacturer had 24 facilities, each of which managed flatbed transportation. Decentralization made it difficult to maintain reliable capacity and predictable costs, let alone achieve logistics efficiencies.


The company outsourced its strategic flatbed program to us for all 24 facilities. Together, we leveraged a new inbound/outbound flatbed program. We identified multi-origin consolidation opportunities and determined the most cost effective network for every shipment.

Find flatbed and other transportation solutions—all in one place.

Your needs are our focus when we work together. We bring a deep understanding of logistics and how to apply it to solve business challenges. Efficient practices developed over a century of work with thousands of customers. And Navisphere® global technology, which connects your whole supply chain. You can use all three to Accelerate Your Advantage® over your competitors in the marketplace.

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