PPE Supply Chain Video Series - Volume 4

Hello, My name is Greg Scott, the director of LCL & Ocean Products for C.H. Robinson in North America. I wanted to take a moment to discuss C.H. Robinson's LCL service offerings, in relation to PPE products; exporting from Asia to the United States. PPE has become an increasingly important and in demand product. An ever-changing air freight market has increased the demand for alternative shipping options via ocean. We appreciate your interest in one of these options, our expedited LCL program. In order to move your PPE and cargo as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

Our expedited LCL product begins to differentiate itself from our base LCL service. Once the vessel arrives to the port in Los Angeles, our expedited service provides faster availability of cargo, from vessel arrival to CFS availability, for priority stowage and port availability, along with priority demanding of the consolidation load at our Los Angeles warehouse.

Direct door delivery is scheduled in advance of arrival, so that your tail loaded and customs cleared cargo is unpacked from the container. LTL carriers on site to begin movement of your PPE shipment to any location within the continental United States.

Transit times versus traditional LCL are cut between 4 and 14 days, depending on your final door delivery city. Our service is sold on a simple per kilo basis—from FOB origin through door-to-door delivery. Depending on your final door location, the cost saving potential is upwards of 80% from today's air freight services.

We're offering this expedited service from 22 origin points in 10 countries, in Asia. We have cut down the lead time in several origins in China, including Hong Kong, by offering multiple sailings per week, including the MATS, an 11-day fast boat service from Shanghai. From a pricing standpoint, it couldn't be any easier. United States is divided into 10 zones. We offer a single rate from all 22 origins in Asia, through each of the 10 zones, based on final door delivery location. Each of these zones will have its own per kilo rate plus fuel at an FOB to door basis. This allows for an easier comparison today's airfreight cost, to help determine which mode works best for you and your PPE supply chain.

We appreciate your time and your interest in our expedited LCL service offering to assist with your PPE shipments. We believe that the alternatives to air freight BIA expedited ocean products provides for more frequent and faster deliveries through the door versus traditional LCL. And at the same time providing a significant cost savings, versus today's air freight market.

C.H. Robinson is here to serve all your PPE needs. Please ask us how we can help you with your next shipment. Thank you.

Hello, everybody. This is Ali Ashraf, Director of our Ocean Cargo Services here, and C.H. Robinson. Thank you for joining us today. I would like to talk to you guys about our expedited solutions that we're offering our customers who are moving PPE commodities right now in the marketplace.

As some of you guys know, C.H. Robinson was well known in the marketplace as being the number one truck broker in America. However, we do move plenty of ocean containsers as well. We're number one out of China into the U. S. And in 2020 already were trending at thethe number one/ number two spot as well, in terms of volume demand.

One of the reasons we continue to grow in the right way, is because we take care of our customers and we take care of their supply chains. Right now, with the impact of Covid19, with the demand coming down, what the carriers have done is they've also brought supply down roughly 15-20%. With the 15-20% reduction in capacity— via void sailings or blank sailings, and/or carrier partnerships— that is affecting the schedule reliability and integrity of the sailings every week out of, specifically from China to the U.S. West Coast.

So with that said, what we've tried to do is we tried to bring the reliability back in order back in order. And what we've done is we looked at the various services that are out there and, based on our customers requirements and expectations, we've been able to come up with solutions that best helps our customers. So what do I mean by that? We've been able to come up with solutions where we are able to load cargo, and guarantee cargo to ensure the covers not get rolled at origin. We're able to provide services of the destination where we can discharge the containers and making sure they're available as soon as possible. And then there's customers that are looking at getting into major markets such as Dallas, Memphis, Chicago or New York. And they want the fastest rail options as well, so we've been able to find those options and those solutions if customers want their freight to move in that manner.

However, the main service that we're offering and the most amount of PPE's that we're seeing being moved today with our customers, is the service that we're moving freight out of Shanghai today into Los Angeles. It's an 11-day transit, it leaves every Thursday and arrives every Monday. From there, we are able to give the cargo to our port services teams. They could do the transloads and move it via truckload, anywhere in the country with our NAST team.

At the origin side, we've been able to work with steamship line partner and we've been able to block off the space. And as long as shippers are booking with us 10-14 days in advance, we are guaranteeing the space to our customers. So again, this is a very nice solutions we've been able to offer. And every week we have seen the demand continuing to pick up as the air capacity has been affected and more customers were looking for a reliable, sustainable ocean solution that they can continue to be able to rely on. So we've been able to offer that, and we continue to increase our demand in terms of the capacity that we have to fill the ship with our carrier partner.

So if there are any customers or shippers out there that are looking for any of these solutions, by all means, feel free to contact us. I want to also think or customers who have supported us and that we were in supporting on our journey and fighting COVID 19. Thank you very much. Be well. Be safe and take care. Thank you.

Move PPE quickly and cost-effectively with expedited FCL and LCL

Whether you’re looking to import personal protective equipment (PPE) for the first time or as part of your normal procurement process, C.H. Robinson’s experts can help you build a more resilient supply chain when navigating customs for PPE.

Get PPE faster with expedited shipping

Choosing C.H. Robinson’s expedited FCL or LCL service could be the differentiator you need. Watch LCL and FCL experts, Greg Scott and Ali Ashraf, explain more about the benefits of expedited full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) service:

  • What efficiencies are included in the process
  • How cost-effective expedited service can be
  • Where you can potentially cut transit time