PPE Supply Chain Video Series - Volume 1

Hi, My name is Vince Wong, and I am in charge of C.H. Robinson Air Freight in Asia. C.H. Robinson is one the largest logistics provider from China to the US and we would like to share with you the current China policy affecting PPE and how you can be a more resilient supply chain and shipping PPE from China. Understanding China PPE policies: a layer of clarity on the process and requirement may result in delays if you don't have the right people on the ground, navigating this challenging environment. Recently China implemented 3 key policies, and that this policy 5, 53, and 12 relating to PPE.

On March 31st, policy Number 5 was announced jointly by the three Government agencies requiring all medical supplies to meet the quality standards of the importing countries. At the same time, they separated medical and non-medical PPE current process.

On 10 of April, the Chinese custom implemented policy 53. We've increased CIQ inspection on all PPE products, labels, packaging, and documentation.

On April 26, policy 12 was introduced, called the white and black list for manufacture and suppliers. Products subject to mandatory CIQ.

On March 20th the Chinese custom updated database and create a dedicated HS-code for PPE products. Since then, a HS-code for PPE was introduced to simplify export declaration. This is to provide a tighter control on what is being exported.

PPE products are classified under 11 product name with specific HS-code. The most widely ship commodity is the medical mask, in total declared value 40% of all PPE exported are mask related, and about 80% of this mask were air freight out of China in the past two months. So when I saw this medical PPE documentation that is required, for convenience we split into mandatory and optional. For mandatory documents such as business restoration license, product testing report, product certificate are required. On the mandatory document listed, we suggest you to work with your suppliers, and I'm sure now they are familiar with this document, by now.

For optional documents is not a must, but highly recommended to have them really to avoid delays in custom process. What took a day to clear has stretched into three days, but we have seen that improving in recently. The QC certificate also called the production certificate. These are mandatory documentation and each sales spec must have one QC certificate. Information on QC certificate, packaging, and testing report must all be aligned.

Items such as product name, specification, quality, standard, raw material use, patch numbers, date of manufacture, shelf life, and of course, manufacturer name and address must be listed. Policy 12, that was implemented on 26 of April.

China custom includes the black and white lists to have better control over the manufacturer and supplier. For non-medical export declaration, shipper found on the blacklist will not be able to export the PPE listed item. Company on the whitelist are still subject to CIQ inspection on the lower inspection ratio and for company not either list they can still export PPE provided they have all the necessary documentation but subject to a higher inspection rate at CIQ. For export declaration or medical or surgical mask, currently, there are 165 companies listed in the whitelist am I'm sure this list will continue to grow as more companies are familar with this PPE regulation. We understand the importance of judgement, the value it brings and the lives it saves.

Last thing we want is for your shipment to be held at customs and your cargo to miss schedule flight. The best way to navigate this landscape is to ensure your manufacture understand the new policies 5, 53, and 12. Comply with the rules which are listed in this presentation and knowing that C.H. Robinson had the resources in-country to help you with the challenges. With that, I thank you for your time. I hope this brief PPE introduction was helpful. Oh behalf of C.H. Robinson, we wish you a pleasant day. Thank you.

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