What Is Supply Chain Innovation?

Innovation has many definitions. But the one that's most important is how can your business adapt to be more competitive, provide more value, and be more profitable? At C. H. Robinson innovation is about creating intuitive solutions that fit your business. To help you work smarter, not harder. Solutions informed by process and powered by people. Today innovation means more than simply taking a small step forward. It means having vision and delivering distinctive value. It means making your business better in ways you never imagined. How? Well it's different for every company.

Pick the equipment manufacturer who implemented a transportation command center to better track and coordinate inbound shipments from thousands of suppliers around the world.

Or the software giant that relies on a single global technology platform to manage component and finished product shipments.

Or the electronics company who completely reimagined every point in their supply chain, capturing massive improvements in visibility, on-time delivery, and customer service.

No matter the business, innovation is about leadership, collaboration, and the re-engineering that no one else can imagine. It's about being curious. It's about unique thinking—drawn from experience across many industries around the world. It's about connecting thousands of points to achieve your ideal supply chain. It's about something we can execute together, now, and into the future.

Innovation is about accelerating your advantage. We have a passion for innovation. We believe that every customer has unique challenges and those challenges have a solution. We pride ourselves in having the broad experience and the expertise that it takes to discover those solutions. And we're pleased to have you with us here today at the Innovation Center. Today you'll get a chance to roll up your sleeves with our people. You'll see the latest technology and review some case studies to see what is possible.

Making your business better in ways you never imagined

At C.H. Robinson, solutions are informed by process and powered by people.

In this video, you will learn how:

  • Innovation is about creating intuitive solutions and working smarter, not harder. It means having vision and delivering value.
  • Leadership, collaboration, reengineering, curiosity, and unique thinking are what truly power innovation.
  • A passionate 3PL can help businesses achieve supply chain innovation by using industry expertise to create a unique, tailored pathway.
  • We’re passionate about helping businesses innovate to drive growth and get ahead.

Achieving supply chain innovation takes dedication, experience, and expertise. Learn how we can help innovate your supply chain.