Navisphere Carrier - How to book and view loads

[How does it feel to be a carrier of the year award winner] Respect, very flattering, motivation, excited, very proud, proud, very, very proud. Welcome to the 2021, 2022 Carrier of the Year Awards. They always make me feel like a superstar i guess. I came into this place this morning and everybody's clapping and whistling, it was pretty neat. Our people work so hard, to be recognized in this way, it's just exciting. I feel extremely honored to have 75-85,000 different carriers and somebody picked me. I never thought I'd be nominated for something like this. We're being recognized by C. H. Robinson and that's just a lot because C. H. Robinson is recognized for being one of the best. Thank you so much for all that you've done. Let's go do it again, cheers.

How to book and view loads